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How to edit Official Zero Hour Campaigns?

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Greetings of Peace and Joy!




I have been playing CNC Generals and Zero Hour for quite sometime and I have just recently been able to get the game working on my upgraded system, which is Windows 7. However, upon playing the game again, I feel as if I would want some things changed.


In Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Campaigns, in particular. I would kinda want to change the faction color of the Chinese to make it either Cyan or blue to fit more of a UN sort of affiliation, and Red is not really my favorite color to begin with.


In the Chinese Mission # 5, the Dragon's Destiny, in particular, I would kind of want to not only make the Chinese faction blue or Cyan, but I would also want to be able to produce UN Humvees by any means necessary, like through the Arms Dealer, or either through the Chinese or US War Factories. I am not sure if this is possible... considering I did try these with the a Global Crisis Mod as well as the Reborn Mod, but I was simply unable to pull through with it either because of the game crashing or the vehicle in question being unavailable during the 5th Mission. I was hoping that there may be a way to be able to achieve this, but I would need professional help for it. So yes, even with me trying different mods to make it work, it still did not go as planned or hoped.


Bottomline is, I would like to change the Chinese Player controlled faction color from red to Cyan or Blue, and I would also like UN Humvees to be available within the Chinese Campaign 5 or Campaign as a whole in Zero Hour. But I do not know how to achieve this, since I did try with countless mods and failed miserably.


I am open to any and all suggestions, since I would truly like to have a better experience with this game. It was among the very first games I've played, along with Red Alert 2. I am just slightly concerned about touching and editing the game files considering I do not wish to compromise or corrupt any of the game files since I just recently got it working for Windows 7, and I have no experience with World Builder but I am more than willing to do the editing and such on my own given the proper guidance and direction. Also, I already have a saved game file of the 5th Chinese Mission wherein I successfully captured and built up the US base to what I like, however, the faction color is still red and there are no UN Humvees present... Is there any way to achieve these changes without having to lose all my Saved Campaign files? If no, then I would be willing to start all over again... but well, it did take me a lot of retries just to get the base without damaging any of the external facilities and of course, capturing the airfields with Stealth Fighters still in them. If also possible, I would also want to throw in some Laser Crusaders in there without losing the regular Crusaders, and perhaps some of the Advanced Cold Fusion Reactors as well.


Anyways, thank you for taking the time to read and go through my long and possibly boring composition, and in advance for any form of assistance you could provide in this little endeavor of mine.


With regards,

Flying Endeavor


Also, if any of you are asking why I would like for these sort of changes... It is because I really like the US base presented in this Campaign and I would truly like to build it up within my own style and liking. Here is a video to show the kinds of bases that I love to build within Command and Conquer Generals and its expansion, Zero Hour. I am a sort of perfectionist, among my many flaws.


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You might have to extract the correct singleplayer map, and change the player color through the edit player list option in worldbuilder.


As for the humvee you would need to add that unit to your china warfactory commandset, but wether it shows up can be dependant on the single player map itself, specialy if it locks out certain sciences or techs.

But most likely any changes you made won't show up in your existing save games. save games basicly screenshot the map and current mapsettings, so (major)changes after that might not show up or cause a game crash.

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Well, I have had the files for the Humvee already done by somebody else in a different forum.. ^^" But thank you anyways...


The problem comes from the color, but World Builder did solve that problem, I would just have to Redo all my progress to far though, which is a bummer.


I am just finding the right mod which includes an ION Cannon, as well as Blackhawk helicopters which could be used with my current alterations xD

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Maybe there is some way to alter the colour palette? That what is now rendered as red becomes blue? So not change what colour China has, but what that colour looks like?

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I would truly like that... if it means saving my Saved Games Files.. :( To make it look Cyan... to fit the UN more... Dx Red is so not my color...

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These color values are taken from Multiplayer.ini if you can extract that file and play with the values a bit you can perhaps find something that suits your taste maybe?


Similar settings can be found in PlayerTemplate.ini as well.

MultiplayerColor ColorGold
  RGBColor = R:206 G:182 B:79
  RGBNightColor = R:206 G:182 B:79
  TooltipName = Color:Gold

MultiplayerColor ColorRed
  RGBColor = R:190 G:0 B:0
  RGBNightColor = R:190 G:0 B:0
  TooltipName = Color:Red

MultiplayerColor ColorBlue
  RGBColor = R:30 G:140 B:255
  RGBNightColor = R:30 G:140 B:255
  TooltipName = Color:Blue

MultiplayerColor ColorGreen
  RGBColor = R:18 G:226 B:10
  RGBNightColor = R:18 G:198 B:10
  TooltipName = Color:Green

MultiplayerColor ColorOrange
  RGBColor = R:255 G:160 B:25
  RGBNightColor = R:255 G:160 B:25
  TooltipName = Color:Orange

MultiplayerColor ColorSkyBlue ;Teal
  RGBColor = R:28 G:148 B:121
  RGBNightColor = R:28 G:148 B:121
  TooltipName = Color:SkyBlue

MultiplayerColor ColorPurple
  RGBColor = R:90 G:0 B:160
  RGBNightColor = R:90 G:0 B:160
  TooltipName = Color:Purple

MultiplayerColor ColorPink
  RGBColor = R:225 G:150 B:225
  RGBNightColor = R:225 G:150 B:225
  TooltipName = Color:Pink
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