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  1. 1. treads basicly use 4 meshes with a scolling texture shader. turn left(you flip the UV so it scrolls i nthe right direction), turn right(same but in reverse) stop(no scrolling texture) and move (both uv aligned in the same direction) there are some tutorials linked before on these forums, should be somewhere in topics related to basic modeling in 3dmax. 2. if the barrel isnt moving it means the mesh of the barrel hasnt got its vertexs linked to that bone. so the bone is recoiling as intended, it isnt effected the correct barre mesh.
  2. IIRC, you need to change: <WeaponTemplate id="ZoneTrooperFireJumpJets" Name="ZoneTrooperFireJumpJets" IdleAfterFiringDelaySeconds="0s" AttackRange="999999.0" MinimumAttackRange="20" WeaponSpeed="160" /* this controls the flightspeed */ ProjectileSelf="true" ClipSize="=$UNLIMITED_CLIP_SIZE" AutoReloadsClip="AUTO" PreAttackType="PER_SHOT" HitPercentage="0%" > <PreAttackDelay MinSeconds="0.1s" MaxSeconds="0.1s" /> <FiringDuration MinSeconds="0.1s" MaxSeconds="0.1s" /> <ClipReloadTime MinSeconds="0.1s" MaxSeconds="0.1s" /> <Nuggets> <ProjectileNugget WarheadTemplate="ZoneTrooperJumpJetWarhead" /> </Nuggets> </WeaponTemplate> As for the flight characteristics it will always be some sort of bezier curve if done with a self projectile style like it uses, but try something like: <BezierProjectile id="ModuleTag_Projectile" FirstHeightMin="50" FirstHeightMax="50" SecondHeightMin="50" SecondHeightMax="50" FirstPercentIndent="30" /* change these values */ SecondPercentIndent="70" /* change these values */ TumbleRandomly="true" CrushStyle="true" BounceCount="0" FinalStuckTime="1.766s" GroundHitFX="FX_ZoneTrooperJumpJetHitsGround" PreLandingStateTime="0.3s" /> i would try setting these values to something low, i had a vertical launched (silo based ) missile ones that flew more or less like your drawing. I had those set to 1. you will need to experiment with those bezier settings.
  3. try this: add this to your weapon.xml <ProjectileNugget WarheadTemplate="MybombWarhead" ProjectileTemplate="MybombProjectile"> <AttackOffset x="0" y="0" z="-100"/> *the -z value should prob be something along the hover/flight height of your airship </ProjectileNugget> make sure your projectil bezier attributes make it fly in a strait line, so no curves or arcs....more or less set everything to 0 or 1 related to height curving etc.
  4. For sound there is a tutorial for that in the TW SDK documentation. for the visual weapon effects look into the fxlist(gdi/nod/alien).xml and fxlist.xml and fxparticlesystem.xml files and work form the existing examples. Exmaples for projectiles can be found with the respective factions prop folders and in the xml files found in there.
  5. I've seen that bug before, this usually happens when you force fire iirc? Anyway try adding RotatingTurret="true" to the weapon code and maybe ControlledWeaponSlots="PRIMARY_WEAPON" or such to the turretai module in the gameobject. But iirc, this is considered a game bug so not sure how much this is solvable.
  6. Just give it a scatterradius=1 or such attribute in the weapon, that should make it not homing.
  7. Might as well pin a topic like this, seeing it is a recurring question about the one of the basics of modding.
  8. So Runway2Parking1 and Runway2Parking2 don't work, one would assume those are a left over from generals? So you would have: Runway0Parking0 Runway0Parking1 Runway0Parking2 Runway1Parking0 Runway1Parking1 Runway1Parking2 Runway2Parking0 Runway2Parking1 Runway2Parking2 All the shit they left in the schematics, you would assume they would't bother removing/renaming those hardcoded bones?
  9. Have a look at the GDI firehawk how its used. As for OBJECT <> PLAYER i don't think there is a difference on how its used. What maybe differ is the following: If the Trigger Upgrade is local (OBJECT) it will only remove the upgrade on the unit/object it is triggered on. If the trigger upgrade is global(PLAYER) it will remove the upgrade from each object that has the module in its behavior section. The following i haven't tested yet myself so this is a assumption based on logic: Object A,B and C have a PLAYER Upgrade >>> then you trigger the remove upgrade with a OBJECT upgrade From Unit A, but not from B or C, the following effect should happen: Unit A looses the Player upgrade but unit B and C don't due to it being locally trigger (OBJECT upgrade) on unit A. If you want unit B and C to loose their upgrade aswell from the localy triggered upgrade in unit A (OBJECT upgrade) you can try to add RemoveFromAllPlayerObjects="true" to the module. Or ofc use a global (PLAYER) upgrade that effect all 3 units. the RemoveFromAllPlayerObjects Needs testing, i havent used that yet myself so far.
  10. Ravendark

    Forged Battalion

    GG was story driven? What a load of bullshit. 5 fucking missions per faction that didn't last long enough to get you involved for a total of 15 missions and a stupid short ass dlc months later? And what did most of those missions involve? Kill everything objectives? Boring crap of a game that didn't warrant a second play through. fuck i even played through Tiberium Twilight out of curiosity to see both GDI and NOD choices and that is saying a lot about my ability to tolerate shit story telling. Holy shit, I've seen porn with a more gripping story and that made me want to cum back to it. They probably also did more on a 50 dollar budget then you did with a million dollar + budget. And where did they put all that money they saved on story telling and cinematic in forged battalion? Not in the model and texture artists budget obviously. engine? doubt it very much. Map design and scripting? Highly unlikely as well. Also, really stop that self praise bullshit by quoting niche outlets and reviewers That dinosaur of a e-magazine that tries to stay relevant or that let's player/streamer getting free games/channel content, obviously they love to stroke your cock ego to keep their shit going. The average consumer that needs to pay and is only there for the content of your product thinks its a pile of shit. Fucking Petroglyph, you're the EA of developers.
  11. Basically if you want to compile a ini file with your custom mod you need to place the ini file at the following location: /whereYouInstalledYourModSDKFolder/ModSDK/BuiltMods/YourModName/Data/INI/ and not in your /documents/Tibwars/mods/ directory as your screenshot indicates. But make sure you installed the sdk + patch1.09 etc correctly.
  12. Ravendark

    Forged Battalion

    Wow Petroglyph must be the Logan Paul of game companies. Because they keep getting away with shit that would get others shut down. Like stealing..uh i mean being inspired by other peoples models/concept art. The apc looking vehicle at 5:32 seen that floating on the web for years, not sure if its part of the early c&c4 concept art. The Avatar(James Cameron not c&c3) mechs- wel ok i'll let mech thing slide, anyone who ever tried modeling a mech knows it comes out looking like something that prob exists all ready or something from the Mechwarrior universe, its the curse of mech design....the other models tho like the scout vehicles and tanks, it feels like they just browsed deviant art for those ones. Look its a upgrade tree...filled with mostly shitty % upgrades. Nothing against "retro" rts but how about not using the most shitty "retro" concept almost everybody disliked in the history of gaming : Empty % upgrade systems. So much diversity in unit design tho...all those weapons..that sound, look and feel alike for the most part. all those different units moving like a fucking blob and thrown against a opposing blob of units. I really like how most rts dev these days understand that "s" in RT-S stands for Shitloads and not strategy. More isn't always better. Even the title sounds like they stole it from 2 different games and glued them together to prey on nostalgia or "retro" memories. I so wanted to give this game the benefit of the doubt. I really liked the warzone, eart21xx games. But this game seems to fall short of the quality and thought that whent into previous titles. Not all the 21xx games were jewels, but they tried alot harder then this polished(well spitshined, i doubt they will try to polish it alot more) turd from Petroglyph..again.
  13. try startspaused but use the unpausespecialpowerupgrade module to trigger it. Additionaly add ObeyRechageOnTrigger= true to the unpausepsecialpower. Try that.
  14. Ravendark

    MOD.str not working

    For c&c 3 TW, you put a file called Mod.str in your modsdk/mods/yourmodsname/data/ folder, altho iirc you can put it aswell in the buildmods/mods/yourmodsname/data/ folder aswell iirc for c&c 3 KW you need to put it more or less where Egozi44 said : \source\Your mod name\Misc\DATA and you should call it mod.str aswell iirc
  15. Feels like its something like Halo wars 2 Blitz. Which i didn't find that enjoyable, specially not for long as it got repetitive fast. Also whenever i here developers say: "Let's make things simpler" it usually means dumber and/or shallower. Like alot of these type of games it probably will do well with streamers as the focus isn't as much on the actual gameplay but more on the streamcommunity/chat experience. While if you would play the game for the game itself you would loose interest fast.