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  1. try changing : <AnimationState ParseCondStateType="PARSE_NORMAL" ConditionsYes="USER_17" etcetc </AnimationState> into <AnimationState ParseCondStateType="PARSE_NORMAL" ConditionsYes="COMING_OUT_OF_FACTORY" etcetc </AnimationState> and remove the fireweapon module
  2. Wait what? but the default juggernaut replace coding is in there as well, so basically 2 systems are at work that suppose to do the same thing? honestly from a first glance the correct ocl structure is there, so i would remove the fireweapon stuff and try it without. That might fix the whole bug probably.
  3. <AnimationState ParseCondStateType="PARSE_NORMAL" ConditionsYes="USER_5" > <Animation AnimationName="GUBEHEMOTH_GTPA" AnimationMode="ONCE" AnimationBlendTime="0" AnimationSpeedFactorMin="1" AnimationSpeedFactorMax="1" AnimationMustCompleteBlend="False" /> </AnimationState> that is the one that handles the get up animation, this is how the husk system works: Jug gets wrecked > drops a SteelTalonsBehemothDieOCL, this holds some debri and the actual husk , then in the husk.xml there is a engineercontain with replace data, the replace on capture points to a new ocl, in that ocl there is a Tempmodelcondition + temp time and this is set to user_5. <ObjectCreationList id="SteelTalonsBehemothHuskReplace"> <CreateObject Count="1" Options="CLEAR_REMOVEABLES PRESERVE_LAYER USE_CREATORS_HEALTH_AS_BASE" Disposition="LIKE_EXISTING" TempModelCondition="USER_5" TempModelConditionTime="3s" DisabledWhileBusy="True"> <CreateObject>SteelTalonsBehemoth</CreateObject> </CreateObject> </ObjectCreationList> So any error you might get is found in that chain of events. No idea what user_17 is used for but it shouldn't effect your husk transistion imo
  4. add a copy of MultiplayerColors.xml to your mod and just add the following to the file: <!-- Slot 8 --> <MultiplayerColor id="ColorWhiteGrey"> <!-- this is your newcolor name --> <RGBColor R="219" G="219" B="219" A="255" /> <RGBNightColor R="219" G="219" B="219" A="255" /> <LivingWorldColor R="219" G="219" B="219" A="255" /> <LivingWorldBannerColor R="219" G="219" B="219" A="255" /> <TooltipName>Color:WhiteGrey</TooltipName> <!-- for completion sake you could add this to your mod.str file for your tooltip text, but its not needed to work --> <AvailableInMetaGame>false</AvailableInMetaGame> </MultiplayerColor> then reference that file in your mod.xml for TW or your static.xml for KW
  5. Seeing it is a special power....think the battleship bombard or juggernaught specialpower ... you can set a radius arround a friend structure and fire the lighting spike dummy weapon that creates a ocl with the actuall spike within that radius?
  6. 3dsmax9 w3x export error

    I think your error could be related to your pc settings, maybe language and decimal settings. The compiler expected a period and probably got a comma. Or such thing. The entire thing is build arround English-US settings and you probably compiled somethig in Max with a "foreign" symbol in it? I would check there.
  7. i know there ar mapscripts to display a money counter, in theory alot of the map scripts should/could be re-creatable with lua... Might want to have a look at this tutorial , Mjjstral might be able to adapt it?
  8. I think the problem could be with -MOVING -LOADED conditions. The transition from MOVING into not MOVING gets covered by -MOVING. But you basically have no transition from LOADED to empty as you need it to trigger -LOADED. Because your transport isn't LOADED to start with it doesn't trigger -LOADED. You might be better of trying only -MOVING as a event conditions and use TestModelcondition LOADED =/= 1 instead in your script.
  9. Basically off set the mesh and bones in max so it aligns with your vehicles body when it attaches to geometry...bit of trail and error. Another way could be to use the docking bone logic and have the turretdummy as slave. Might have to experiment with giving it a immobile locomotor or status or so.
  10. Something interesting to try might be: Just have the laser weapon target everything but give it a ForbiddenTargetModelCondition="USER_x" or forbiddentargetobjectstatus in its weapon nugget. Then give any unit besides missiles that status. In theory you broaden its filter but still restrict it outside of its targeting logic if that makes sense. I might help or smooth out its targeting logic. Also i would give it a hierachical turret with a different id and primary instad of secondary status.
  11. You could just spawn the PD turret as a spawntemplate with a attach module, that way you can give the drone a singular weapon and set it to aqgressive but it will still look like a turret attached to the parent vehicle.
  12. The problem could be in turret AI logic..any chance you could/would try with a normal weaponslot instead of a turretslot? If that is possible for your design atleast. I think Madin had a similar issue with a nod unit of his (think t was an apc with a Pd laser) he fixed iirc, that topic should be somewhere on the forum here, or you could Pm Madin.
  13. Have you tried looking at the scrin storm pike weapon?
  14. Not sure if c&c Fallout mod is even still in development, haven't seen an update on moddb in ages.
  15. If you alter IngameUISettings.xml and change the tint colour to <FactionSettings Faction="GDI" LockedImage="Button_Locked_GDI"> <ImageTintColor R="255" G="255" B="255"/> </FactionSettings> you can just use colorized images instead of the greyscale ones used by the vanilla game.