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Lack of split screen in Halo 5 annoys players (take that, profiteers!) lol

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The developers said that there'd be a split screen mode in Halo 5 but then changed the plan. Now they're adding split screen to Halo 5. The part I like in this article is where the person responsible for 343 Industries, Bonnie Ross, says that removing split screen violated fans' trust. Some of these studios have gotten too big for their own good, I suspect. Split screen kicks butt! I prefer split screen to online. Here's a list of split screen games that I reckon are great: Duke Nukem on Nintendo 64, Secret Weapons Over Normandy, Halo 1, 2 and 3, Goldeneye (n64), The World Is Not Enough, and I'm probably forgetting several more. Halo 3 ODST was really good because it had the cooperative mode where you have to survive unlimited waves of enemies.




I know that most folks played Duke Nukem on PC but I was indoctrinated by the N64 version. It had better graphics and the split screen cooperative was so cool, I bet Bungie made a co-op campaign in Halo partly because of Duke.

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Split screen is fine for a while but it gets annoying after a while. That said, it should always be an option like real... you know... ****ING LAN PLAY.

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Better yet, both in one. Have LAN support that lets you have 2 people per screen. Then you don't need to buy an extra console and an extra TV for each player. I got annoyed with Xbox games like Counter Strike and Battle Front, which only allowed one person per screen. There's no point in that unless you have a hall of people who're going to camp and play for a whole week. Back in the day Halo was the coolest thing because you could use split screen and LAN combined. We'd have two teams [using four consoles & tvs] and you'd only need to share your screen with another person who was on your side. It worked great.

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