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Batch converter for .snd files?

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As per title: I'm looking for a batch converter to convert .snd files (used for the FMV audio in C&C4) to a more common audio format like .mp3 or .wav - or anything format that is accepted by video editors. Any suggestions? I tried a number, but .snd is either not supported or the converter is a commerical one (and I would prefer a free one, since I'm only going to sue it this once).

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We used to have a set of tools for VP6 and SND conversion on CNCNZ.com when we had a downloads section. I mirrored it here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/r5bpon50j2dn30o/EA_VP6_Video_Tools.rar


Use eaconv.exe to convert VP6 to AVI and SND to WAV. You may need to install the VP6 codec itself with vp6_vfw_codec.exe.

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