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Classic Games, curiosity question.

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From these games.

Diablo I
Diablo II
Command and Conquer (Original)
Warcraft I
Warcraft II
C&C: Red Alert 1
Starcraft I
C&C: Red Alert 2

I was just curious which games were '2D' and '3D', or were all '2D' with the illusion of '3D', and Im not very expert on this, but it's every '2D' games with or without illusion of '3D' does it uses 'sprites'?

Thanks for reading ^^

Another curiosity question.

Whats your favourite 'Classic' or 'Retro' games for PC =)

Again, thanks for reading.




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Pure 2D (sprite-based and top-down): Command & Conquer, C&C Red Alert, Dune 2000, WarCraft, WarCraft II

Pure 2D (sprite-based and isometric): Diablo, Diablo II

2.5D (2D top-down or isometric surroundings, but with 3D elements): C&C Tiberian Sun, C&C Red Alert 2

3D: WarCraft III, Diablo III, all C&C games made after Red Alert 2 (except Tiberium Alliances)

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What's the difference between 2D top-down vs isometric? and would be Stracraft 2.5D then?

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2 hours ago, CnC.Cap said:

What's the difference between 2D top-down vs isometric?

Isometric view differs from top-down view by having everything placed under the same angle (usually 90°) and not distorting elements in different ways to each other or the surroundings.

StarCraft 1 is not 2.5D because everything is drawn through sprites. Red Alert 2 is because vehicles and certain turrets are displayed through voxels, which are 3D, while the rest is 2D sprites.

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