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Will Uncle Sam be doomed this month?

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Last month, both N. Korea and USA threatened each other to start a possible WWIII. Now with a week left until 9/11 (marking the 16th grim anniversary), Uncle Sam is struggling to get funding for Hurricane Harvey's victims, maintaining the government (and a new budget) to prevent shutdown, trying to develop Trump's wall, trying to get another replacement health-care act, trying to lower taxes from the wealthiest, and maintaining the so-called DACA (in which Trump wants to end). Now with N. Korea arming and testing a hydrogen bomb in an ICBM, the chances of WWIII is getting higher and ISIS is waiting to make their next move. The chances of doomsday and/or WWIII only depends on where the situation goes, and it's still slim.

Fire and Fury, Trump? Uncle Sam is already divided. One attack and one war could make Uncle Sam go bankrupt.

But the most awkward news of the year came to this which reminds me of the ending of Terminator 3: https://thenextweb.com/artificial-intelligence/2017/09/04/elon-musk-says-ai-most-likely-cause-of-world-war-iii/

But the question still remains.... and the world is watching.

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The only question I am wondering is how little can one understand international politics and still think they are qualified to speak on it?

I have a feeling the answer is somewhere in the realm of unquantifiably tiny.

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Whoops, so long ISIS! 

World War III sounds too crazy for me. I bet the United States will destroy itself financially before World War III ever happens. Prepare for Kali Yuga, just in case it is true :P

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