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Loading Models from Maps Objects

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Hellow again I've another question, I'm actually trying to add special campaign buildings into the skirmish gameplay but I noticed that the models of the buildings will not load in the game ending up with an invisible structure.

		<Include type="all" source="ART:CBTreasury.W3X" />
		<Include type="all" source="ART:CBTreasury_D1.w3x" />
		<Include type="all" source="ART:CBTreasury_D2.w3x" />
		<Include type="all" source="ART:CBTreasury_D3.w3x" /> 
		<Include type="instance" source="DATA:BaseObjects/BaseCivilianStructureNoGarrisonDestructible.xml" />


Could these lines be the problem? Because these files aren't in my mod but in the "cm_2_2_treasury_raid" folder's map.manifest and I can't extract the .w3x with C&C Assets Extractor.


Any solutions?

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Those are civilian buildings. You can only find the w3x files in Worldbuilder.big via the C&C Assets Extractor.

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