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  1. blood1995

    Kanes Wrath Skirmish AI Schemas

    Since 1.4 there is a problem I can't compile States anymore, WrathEd telling me that an element of the same key was already added.
  2. blood1995

    Kanes Wrath Skirmish AI Schemas

    Wow that sounds amazing, I have been waiting for a way to edit the Skirmish AIs in Kane Wrath allowing us to make them build our custom units/structures, and also creating new ones for Campaign maps. Thank you very much.
  3. Hi there it's me again, this is probably my last question of that modding session: I've been searching in the GDIAirTower and GDIAirSupport the coding of the landing pads limited to 4 per building without success. I would like to understand how that coding works and if it is possible to increase the max amounts of planes an air building can support by only changing a number. Thanks for the help.
  4. But then does WrathED support the edit of an AI, I would like to add custom buildings in his built list, I have all the .xml files in the mod folder but it seems that KW Mod SDK will just ignore them.
  5. Hellow again I've another question, I'm actually trying to add special campaign buildings into the skirmish gameplay but I noticed that the models of the buildings will not load in the game ending up with an invisible structure. <Includes> <Include type="all" source="ART:CBTreasury.W3X" /> <Include type="all" source="ART:CBTreasury_D1.w3x" /> <Include type="all" source="ART:CBTreasury_D2.w3x" /> <Include type="all" source="ART:CBTreasury_D3.w3x" /> <Include type="instance" source="DATA:BaseObjects/BaseCivilianStructureNoGarrisonDestructible.xml" /> </Includes> Could these lines be the problem? Because these files aren't in my mod but in the "cm_2_2_treasury_raid" folder's map.manifest and I can't extract the .w3x with C&C Assets Extractor. Any solutions?
  6. Hellow guys I wanted to know if it is possible to compile new AI personalities with KW MOD SDK for know I've tried following the example in "KW_Reloaded_1.7_Source_Code" but without succes, any idea?
  7. blood1995

    Red Alert 3 Campaign Missions

    Yo, did anyone managed to make a custom single player mission ? If yes I would like to have a detailed tutorial about that. I've also noticed that whenever you use the buildlist on ra3 worldbuilder, it will crash.
  8. blood1995

    Custom Mission Map

    Hey there it's me and I still have interest into that game and would love to make my own mission map. It is actually possible in KW, with the custom maps menu, but how can we access our single players maps on RA3 with working campagn AI and without overwritting anything?
  9. blood1995

    Custom Mission Map

    Please, can someone help me?
  10. blood1995

    Custom Mission Map

    I see, in KW we can launch our missions maps here: Skirmish -> Custom Maps. But how can we do that on RA3, I don't see any new map in "Campaign" and the map won't appear in "Skirmish" if we put only 1 player spot. And even if I put 2 player spots, then the custom AI in the mission map won't appear and all his buildings will be white.
  11. blood1995

    Custom Mission Map

    Hi everyone I would like to know if it's possible to make our own custom single mission map in RA3 like in KW. And if yes how can I do that? Thanks for the help!
  12. All is said in the title. The 1st time I saw the big factory able to make Redeemer/MARV/Hexapod, I was thinking that they would have something else interesting, but no they have only that option. So is it possible to make them build the SAME UNIT than the other war factory but faster(without having to edits the units or the LogicCommandSet).
  13. The 1st solution seems to be the most simple, because I'm also working on mission maps for my mod so I guess that I'll only use that one.
  14. Hellow, I know that actually we aren't able to edit the Skirmish AI on KW, but I've noticed that somehow on skirmish battle the AI used some of my custom units rarely so I wonder if it's possible to raise the chance of the AI to use them.