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So how to change KW's main menu BGM?

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Happy Chinese New Year for everyone first!!!:D


Once I tried to change the JC_CNC3EP1_ShellRemix to my new music, but always failed, no matter .wav or .mp3


So anyone could share mod source code and mp3 file since I could build it to a completed mod on my PC?


By the way, eggozi44 said w3x plugin for new version max is released, but I can't find the post link, so anyone could paste the forum link?

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I hate China Telecom's net, now I can't reply any word on moddb, so apologize to all my friends.

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Didn't saw your reply till now mate,

The sources I sent you also show how to change the main menu music, if it not works it may be due to the files, KW gave me few issues as well when I tried to add new music files if they weren't encoded correctly.

for music you need Mp3 format.

if you got trouble I peek on my sources and tell you what should work.


As for the max plugin, here it is 



However it was tool earlier to open the champagnes as it seem it don't have exporter yet ;(

Sorry if I gave you false hopes

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