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Windows 3.0 File Manager released

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Windows 3.0 File Manager, aka windows explorer, was first used in Windows 3.0. Win95 explorer was a little better. Win98 explorer changed a bit more. WinXP was the best windows explorer but lacked a dual pane. Win7, Win8 and WinVista file explorer suck the worst. Win10 explorer was far better than Win7/8/Vista with a ribbon menu, but it still sucks.

Now over two decades later, Microsoft has finally released the Windows 3.0 File Manager for free along with the source code, and it works for all versions of Windows, including Win10.
Download: https://github.com/Microsoft/winfile/releases
Article: https://www.pcgamer.com/windows-30-file-manager-source-code-takes-you-back-to-1990s-style-navigation

I guess maybe someone will probably make a far better Windows File Manager soon that will work for all old and new versions of Windows.

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I wish the picture was larger so I could actually see what has really changed. I never used Windows 3 myself, went from DOS to 95.

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