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GVMERS: Investigating C&C Generals 2

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The YouTube channel GVMERS, already known as a team working on retrospectives for games which have past their prime or have been abandoned by their owners, have created a third video related to the Command & Conquer franchise. In this video, they bring us the full sad story of what was originally announced as Command & Conquer: Generals 2, and was later known simply as Command & Conquer, a free-to-play title. @Rabbit and myself provided input and information on the game's development as assisting information, too!

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i always enjoy these. i do hope the Next C&C (not counting the Tencent game) does come out. would be even better if the bust that bad boy to the Nintendo Switch as well. Proper C&C on the Go.

And Thanks again Plokite_Wolf and ZEE again for contribution to the GVMERS videos, anything to get C&C image out there in a positive light.

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