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What's the one game you think people pretend to like the most?

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Another PC Gamer article Q&A of the week. For everyone's mind to answer this question, it could be any game with lootboxes.

For me I have two answers, Half-Life 2 and Bioshock. Why.....
Bioshock --> full of leftover bugs unpatched except for the remastered version
Half-Life 2 --> settings and designs are less exciting than the original... plus it used to have DRM in Steam

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It's a bit smug and judgemental to go "No, you don't really like this game" isn't it? A better question to ask would be what games have a good reputation even among folks who never played them.

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I don't think 'pretend to like' is the right phrasing too, it's just that if some game dev's have an amazing reputation, a lot of their in-game flaws will be ignored and people will actually enjoy a game that, in a vacuum, is bad. I do think that BioShock and Half-Life are legitimate picks tho

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