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Is it possible to mod KW to allow units that do not normally reverse move to do so?  

In the GameObject xml files for units there is a "KindOf" line item near the top of the file and in that line units that can reverse move have the phrase CAN_REVERSE_MOVE listed.  I tried adding that to other units' xml files but that made no difference (whereas deleting that phrase from units that have it causes them to no longer be able to move backward).  I also noticed that the locomotor xml files have a line item that says "CanMoveBackward"    This is set to "False" even for units that can actually reverse move.  I tried changing this to "True" but did not notice any effect in game.  As an aside, when I tried to mod the locomotor file for the Nod Avatar I got the attached error message and the mod compilation failed.  I was able to resolve this by changing MaxOverlappedHeight="Infinity" to ="99999"

I still have not managed to figure out how to get walker units to reverse move though.  I am hoping someone here has the expertise to shed some light on this.  If so, I would truly appreciate it! I spent a long time to avail.  : )



Error when adding locomotor file.PNG

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if i remember correctly, "CanMoveBackward" used in BFME for units flee from large monsters, don't know if it still works in C&C3.

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