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  1. now it's working! looks like CurseAllPlayerPowers is the key, thanks yet the caster itself cannot be effected, a bit dissatisfied...
  2. *sigh* still not working on PlayerSpecialPowers, only UnitAbility´╗┐
  3. I'm trying to set SpecialPower's countdown timer backward in game, with LUA code: ExecuteAction("NAMED_SET_SPECIAL_POWER_COUNTDOWN", self, "SpecialPowerGDI_APCMinefield", 10); it works fine with UnitAbility like APCMinefield, but doesn't affect PlayerSpecialPower like Ioncannon, nuke, etc. i guess it may has something to do with GDIPowerStore and/or PlayerSpellBook so i applied the same codes ---SpecialPower XMLs, and LUA scripts --- to them too, still not working. any ideas?
  4. my bad, i only remember there are RIDER1 to RIDER4 in the ObjectStatus. however there is MemberTemplateStatusInfo in OpenContain, which allow the Container gain different status based on which unit they carry, and with LUA coding to switch the Container's weaponset.
  5. code of the GLA bikes still exists and working. you can give it a try.
  6. really? that sucks. all kind of specialpowers? what about beamcannon's attack?
  7. ravage

    Anti-air obelisk

    this happens when the PRIMARY(AG) and SECONDARY(AA) weapon has different Range, it's annoying me.
  8. you can hex search the cnc3game.dat and it's turn out that there are three and only three SpecialPowers allow you "click target and use": SpecialPowerCombineWithUnit, SpecialPower_ChargeDefensesTrigger and SpecialPower_ConversionBeam.
  9. i'm always wondering how the growth stimulator distinguish between a green and a blue field too.
  10. you need both the model and the animation resized to make them work fine.
  11. orly http://www.moddb.com/members/ravage123/videos/specialpower-testing [mdb]1495075[/mdb] i used Stygs' code, only added BoredUpdate part and without modify LUA.