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  1. bought Win7 years ago and still using it, screw M$
  2. add the following codes to your commando: <AutoHealBehavior id="ModuleTag_Heal" InitiallyActive="true" HealOnlyIfNotInCombat="false" HealOnlyIfNotUnderAttack="false" StartHealingDelay="1s" HealingAmount="10" HealingDelay=".5s"> </AutoHealBehavior>
  3. I found that if I add PreparationTime="Xs" in the SpecialAbilityUpdate section of an objection, then order it to use the ability, it will get interrupted in the middle of preparation if I pressed S to issue a Stop command. Adding "MUST_FINISH_ABILITY" in Options= doesn't seem to solve this either. Is there a way to force the object to ignore player inputs to finishing use its abilities?
  4. glad to help:D about " AI being able to force fire on the ground", i guess you will have to make a dummyobject which randomly generate lighting objects around it.
  5. i made something similar already: https://www.moddb.com/mods/cc3-tiberium-refined/videos say if you generate your ionstorm through OCL method, add DestinationPlayer="PlyrCreeps" to it so the ionstorm will attack all players, like this: <ObjectCreationList id="OCL_TiberiumCrystalIonStormCreation"> <CreateObject Disposition="ON_GROUND_ALIGNED USE_WATER_SURFACE USE_CLIFF" Count="1" DestinationPlayer="PlyrCreeps" Options="IGNORE_ALL_OBJECTS"> <CreateObject>TiberiumCrystalIonStorm</CreateObject> </CreateObject> </ObjectCreationList>
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong: you want a C&C2 like ionstorm?
  7. yeah hope there will be SDK soon
  8. ravage

    reverse move

    if i remember correctly, "CanMoveBackward" used in BFME for units flee from large monsters, don't know if it still works in C&C3.
  9. I want to create a "Berserker" typed unit that would gain a temporary bonus while after killing an enemy, but I've looked through the entire AssetTypeWeaponTemplate.xsd and didn't see anything that might achieve that. I thought about using the Dummy object technique, but DamageAndSpawnNugget and WeaponOCLNugget will only spawn the object at the destroyed enemy‘s position, instead of at the attacker like I wanted. Can anyone give me some tips on this? Does this require LUA coding?
  10. you need to make the BuildInProximityToSamePlayerStucture= to false
  11. now it's working! looks like CurseAllPlayerPowers is the key, thanks yet the caster itself cannot be effected, a bit dissatisfied...
  12. *sigh* still not working on PlayerSpecialPowers, only UnitAbility