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GenTool Version 8.0 Released

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GenTool, xezon's extension for Generals and Zero Hour, has received a new update, version 8.0. Here's what's new:

New features:

  • Added Replay Controls bar at bottom of the screen in Replay mode
  • Added feature to set a Time Pause (JK) in Replay to Fast Forward (F) to
  • Added Mod support for player colors in multiplayer.ini that will work with Money Display
  • Added censorship of IP addresses for Replay and Text files uploaded with GenTool

Fixes / improvements:

  • Fixed a crash on game launch with Zero Hour The First Decade installations
  • Fixed an issue where GenTool notification popup would never disappear after game launch
  • Fixed an issue where game controls would freeze at match start
  • Fixed an issue where Generals would freeze on shutdown
  • Fixed an issue where WindowZH.big and Window.big could no longer be patched
  • Fixed an issue that would log file names incorrectly in gentool.log file
  • Fixed an issue that would generate images for upload after game session was completed
  • Fixed an issue that would break Upload Mode when toggling its menu option
  • Removed LastReplay.rep functionality in Upload Mode
  • Removed the ‘You are using a cracked binary’ GenTool message
  • Added Display (Menu) options 19, 20
  • Changed Frame Step (O) replay functionality to no longer turn off Fast Forward (F)
  • Changed font type and size of Ticker and Event message(s)
  • Changed MDS+ Text to no longer show when GenTool Display (Menu) option is turned OFF
  • Changed MDS Popup to display player names with player colors
  • Changed MDS Popup to longer show button information
  • Refactored replay parsing code

If you already have GenTool installed, you can update it by simply running Generals/Zero Hour and exiting. If you want to do so manually or you do not have it installed yet, you can download it from the GenTool website or from here at CNCNZ.com.

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