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C&C Remastered Collection Patch Launches Today

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Today, the first patch for Command & Conquer: Remastered Collection is planned to go live. The changelog is quite long, but here is our summary:

  • Performance issues will be resolved by loading everything before the match launches, which will prolong loading times but should reduce stuttering in the middle of the game
  • Private (passworded) game lobbies are now available
  • Muting players in chat enabled
  • Overwriting existing saved games now possible
  • Random faction choices available in custom matches
  • Deploy hotkey now universal to all units with such a function
  • Manual saving in custom missions enabled
  • Tweaked balancing of the Hard difficulty mode in Tiberian Dawn
  • Fixed bug that changed the difficulty of the mission after reloading
  • Nod Cargo Planes no longer destructible
  • Mission-specific fixes
  • Various mismatching tile fixes on maps
  • Map pool adjustments
  • Tweaks to mod menu
  • Jukebox now available in the main menu

To read the full changelog, click here.

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From my experience, the performance is definitely smoother.

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