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Tiberium Essence CABAL update

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Command & Conquer 3's Tiberium Essence mod is a community favorite. Not only does it alter Tiberium Wars to bring it closer to Tiberian Sun's level of advanced technology and Tiberium wildlife, but it also brings many new additions, one of which is a fully-playable Forgotten faction. Tiberium Essence 1 retains the original faction, but Tiberium Essence 2 will go into more interesting directions.

While Tiberium Essence 2's first version added the Forgotten, the next version will also bring a playable CABAL faction. Just in time for the holidays, as usual, mod author Carnius has posted some screenshots of the upcoming CABAL faction to Tiberium Essence's ModDB page, as well as a short update on where development stands for the next release.

CABAL base CABAL "Human Resources"
CABAL army CABAL forces attacking
CABAL forces attacking a Nod base CABAL forces attacking Nod baseCABAL forces attacking Nod base

You can read Carnius' address and update to the community over here. For a better glance at the screenshots, feel free to visit the mod's gallery over here

Enjoy, Commanders!

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