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Silica - FPS/RTS hybrid. Renegade-clone?

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I just saw this game called Silica by Bohemia Interactive that appears to be some sort of Renegade clone or at least heavily inspired by Renegade.

It sounds very good though and better than Petroglyphs halted project Earthbreakers:



Silica is a crossover of FPS and RTS where up to 3 factions battle for control over the planet of Baltarus. Lead from above as Commander, or experience the action first-hand, either alone or with friends. Join one of two human armies, or hunt them down as the territorial aliens. Silica takes place in the scorching deserts of Baltarus, an exoplanet located thousands of light-years from Earth. Lead your faction to victory in Strategy, the flagship game mode. Harvest the Balterium hidden in the sands or defend Baltarus from the invading humans as an insect-like alien.

e: The Alien planet got silicia crystals that you harvest as a resource.

I also found the trailer and the steam page.

e2: This video was very informative. However they call the resource "Bolterium".

e3: It's out on Steam early access and there's also a new trailer.

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Looks like this is heavily inspired by Dune of all things. And, uh... StarCraft?


Looks sort of nice.

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