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Favorite Units

Which vehicle is better  

26 members have voted

  1. 1.

    • Orca
    • Medium Tank
    • Flame Tank
    • Artillery
    • MRLS

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I screw ppl over w/ the Spy Crate all the time, some catch me, but often they dont. :lol:

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now i;m off to play some more renegade, i have a score to settle with this guy on black-cell AOW servers. :wink: (at sonic), i never see you on sonic, i wanna play you more....only got to play you once....

I haven't played in awhile, only for about 30 minutes a few days ago to see how it is since the change to XWIS.

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hey guys you play renegade?? well my name is LiLDiLZ mainly...or even nazd154/cammanda6


as for fav units in renegade...rocker, patch, anyone with volt rifle, sbh, laser chaingun guy, and occassionally havoc or sakura...i dont like snipers i think they are a bit boring...but they are cool...as for vehicles stank or med tank

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Yeah, I like the Medium Tank and Orca the best :P
Who Dosn't Love flyin' around in a jet-powered VTOL craft, I do, even though Im a Nod Fanatic

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We can't tell that :wink: you need to make it more obvious :lol:

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Fav Vehicals


2. Orca outmanuvers every thing)

3. FlameTank In rushes you can own ANYTHING


Fav Soldiers

1. Stealth Black Hand cheap and stelthy

2. Havoc/Sakura i like to snipe in most games i pretty good too

3. Hotwire/Techichians can stay out of battle but still help and rack up points + you C4 buildings to death



1. Ion/Nuke Beacon Guard and and decimate their base

2. Rail Gun Like a Ramjet but lights ppl on fire causeing more damage + huts vehicals

3. Laser Chain gun Slaughters infantry and tanks!

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fav vehs:

1. stealth tank


3. med tank


fav character:

1. sbh...stealth..good for scout, infiltration, and all that awsome shyt

2. techys...good for defence and offence if you know what your doing

3. gunner...rockets kick asss..period

4. grenader is my fav basic inf.. and im real good wit him

5. um VOLT rifle guys



1. sbh rifle...quick reload and strong enough...plus the burn

2. proxy/remote mines...fun

3. rockets...good area effect and strong against vehs n buildings

4. laser chain gun

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Fav Vehicles

1. Apache: simply because it looks cooler than the ORCA and it uses the right mouse button to use the MG, not the left....

2. M Artillery: ... it's cheap, packs a lot of fire power, fires fast and at a long range. Do I need to say more?

3. FlameTank: Flame Rush Anyone?


Fav Soldiers

1. Stealth Black Hand: cheap, stealth and has a nice laser weapon too

2. Raveshaw: I like the mutated form and no weapon beats the Railgun.

3. Patch/Templar/Laser Chaingun BH: just fast firing with a lot of damage.


Fav Weapons

1. Rail Gun: A Ramjet but more effective on vehicles. Has a shorter range though.

2. Laser Chaingun/Tiberium Flachette Gun: The No. 1 death cause to infantry and anything stealth. Does a lot of damage to vehicles too. I did think the TFG was more effective vs. infantry, and the laser more effective vs. vehicles....

3. Ramjet rifle: Extreme range, instant kill on infantry if you aim right and also does quite some damage to helis and light vehicles.

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As have I, since I finally got Renguard to work w/TFD


Any1 else use TFD to play Renegade online?

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fav cars

1>medium tank

2>nod buggy or humvee-there so fast and good for running people over muhohaha

3>orca-except I hate when people use snipers on orcas


fav soldiers

1>officer-hes cheap and can kill quite a bit

2>sbh owns

3>prob havoc


fav wepons

1>I dont no why but I like the machine gun

2>rail gun- powerful and powerful :D

3>ramjet - i love versing bots and just snipeing them there so stupid


fav team


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old topic :roll:

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1)med tank(what can i say 8) )


2)orca(fearsome apc rush owner and stank rush killer)


3)flame tank(flamer rush :P )




1)stealth black hand(nuclear strike beacon deployed :twisted: )


2rocket soldier officer(cheap,anoying,and a wonderfull mlrs,arty killer)


3)sydney(good girl,good girl :D )

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