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YR: Conflict of Interest Recruitment

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...slow for you... i have college all through the holidays and i'm getting my mac in a week so if nothing else i'm going to be working faster

oh yah - Machine gun join the Freedom forum and we can discuss site details there where the other staff are free to put me down out of public view ^^ I already talked out a couple of ideas for the site with Cyg earlier so i could give you some vivid ideas, possibly even graphics or backgrounds if you need them

...colourful language... *giggles to herself* ...yah...

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i know. you speak to me once again like i'm a dreamer who doesn't know what she's doing just because i'm willing to put in some hard and decent work to make a mod that doesn't re-use previously seen graphics. i said this when Cyg hired me - i go all out because i don't like shoddy work, especially if it's my own. And Cyg isn't "away" (aware?) of any terrain changes because i haven't discussed them with him like a lot of other stuff: too much work to be done in too little time, so i figured i'd suggest it when needed. Not that you'd actually care how much work goes into this or not since to you it's just another mod you're coding, Fen.

I roll my eyes, laugh and then sigh. I've been doing this for oh so much longer and I've tried my hand at everything there is to do in RA2 and YR. Infantry, buildings, voxels, terrain, coding, what have you. Believe me, I know the tedium it presents.


Let me ask you something: do you even know how to convert terrain tiles to the proper format? If you say the XCC Mixer, WRONG ANSWER. I've been working on editing the terrain myself so I DO KNOW how much work goes into it.


Of all the editing you're trying to do, the terrain will present the most problems... especially if you don't know how to add new tiles to a set.

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like I (the MOD TEAM LEADER) said earlier....the terrain is an undecided issue right now and WILL NOT be disgussed until 95% of everything else is done.

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I've finished the main pages... Give me the Unit and Structures info and I'll start making that part of the site... :wink:

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