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  1. Happy Birthday ;o

  2. thankies! and yes, i'm still alive (once again) just not posting much... too many other things happening lately... college, costume making, game making etc etc...

  3. sorreh... but y'know. busy on 3D stuffs... aaaand costume making... and obsessively playing killing floor. i can't stop. it won't let me D: it wants to eat my soul

  4. What a waste, me also wants a copy of what Luk3us wants. Aww, now its not possible. :(

  5. yah sorry luk3us... that's kind of abandoned... why make it in flash if i can make proper games? i'mma in the process of messing with 3Ds Max 9 so yah... x3; i'll probably end up making a steam mod or something. maybe a real game later on

  6. Where is my post erotic, stripper zombie, shooter RPG flash game? :(

  7. Well, its good to know you. :)

  8. i mean i -do- have a lot of other aspects on my life...

  9. like i said, real busy... also there wasn't much happening so i just started paying less and less attention...

  10. Hey fellas Mina Synd is still alive! Lol!

    Why aren't you posting anymore in CNCNZ forums?

  11. i still live ^^ just doing other things a lot... haven't got a whole lot of time to myself lately...

  12. Howdy! I don't know if you are still alive but hi anyways. If you seen this do respond. :)