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redalert1 map viewer

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We have RA-MAP View 1.3 Standard available for download http://www.cncnz.com/files/redalert/utils.shtml#ramv here at CNCNZ.com


I found 2 more at the RA Archive....


Map QuickViewer (shareware)

OS: Windows

Date Added: 23-Apr-2000

Description: This program allows you to look at official westwood's maps, fast and easy.


Map Viewer

OS: MS-Dos

Date Added: 23-Apr-2000

Description: With this program you can view both single and multiplayer maps.


Both can be downloaded at http://ra.afraid.org/html/downloads/utilities.html

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Ya, Map Viewer is the one I can't get to work and Quickview only shows mini, radar-like pictures. I'll check out that cncnz one now.

I need a full detail one, or a way to take screenshots without PrntScn from the map editor. Snag-it just makes black shots.


- Mike

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I found a way around it.

Instead of looking for a way to convert mpr2bmp, I got R.A.C.K. working (darn date thing) which provided a nice zoomed out

Windows view for Snag-It and, 12 captures and PSP later...




The real image is 2300x2300 :)


- Mike

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