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comander starlin

CnC twilight Screens from pcgamer US

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This has just come to my attention from my mate who is sitting right next to me (Solo Wing Dragon) these are screenshots from PC Gamer US Edition, (which is damn good by the way i have been collecting it since 1999) but anyways.


These are scans of the mag showing CnC TT wow i am amazed ok least start the desision. Are these real?


If there is anyone who has contacts in EA Games please chase this up and tell us (the community) is this for real?



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Guest MadBadger

Ugh.... its not TT ffs


TB posoning is to early..... still too much land unafected.


Also the GDI are using Mammys..... they stoped using them in TS remember, they switched to that huge AT-AT thing with the rail guns and the Mechs (wolf n Titan).


also King posted the images on NZ news anyway.

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nuff said. The wall paper EA released does look pretty schnifty though 8)

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