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The Abusive Bitter End

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After 4 months, I thought, I need to set the trend again. And what better than an article...


Comments regarding The Abusive Bitter End here please..


Thank you.

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Guest Rabbit

Ya know, I just hated the fact that in a lot of the Generals and Zero hour missions, you were left with unfinished business. Sure, you destroyed this, or destroyed that, but what about all these other terrorists? I must agree, it is bull****.


People are randomly creating these missions, and sure, they appear harder, but, they really need to learn placement. They have great ideas, but, they should honestly let you finish what they know you want to do.


I honestly think the other problem is also the fact that some kids these days play the game, and all they WANT to do is win. They don't care about how, they just want to do it, and this actually satisfies them.




Oh, and as for making an article, bloody hell, you beat me too it. :P

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Its very simple. Its extremely tedious, least to me and others it seems, to waste 10 minutes looking around the map for that last stupid solider just to finish.


Besides most singleplayer campagins in RTS games are usually too easy anyway. ;)

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