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Guest Prometheus

Can we make new superweapons in ZH? or only edit the ones they have.

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Guest Prometheus

How? everytime i do it doesnt work. somthing always goes wrong but i cant find out what does. i did the object creation,weapon,weapon object,the FX explosion and i made the command button,the super weapon and the command set but everytime somthing went work i check it over and over.

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I've done it. I've given the USA, China and the GLA an new superweapon. The only thing is that if you want to build it you'll need alot of Command Buttons. (I've simply changed the ones that ZH doesn't use.

Its alot of work.

Here is a short explaination.

Both the Superweapon general and the Laser Generals have some superweapons that aren't used. For the Laser general its the LASER CANNON and for the SupW General its the Cruise Missile Launcher and the Nuclear Missile Lancher.

Now all of these weapons except for the Laser Cannon don't work right away.

For the Laser Cannon all you have to do is add some strings to make the text add up. The string you have to add for the countdown timer is: GUI: Lazr_LaserCannon.

Don't try to use the Cruise/Nuke Launcher that the supw general has. The look cool and USA-like but they will screw up the missile.

To give the USA a new superweapon you will have to make sure that the Laser Cannon works and then copy it for the other USA Generals and the USA itself. Make sure you have all the Command Buttons right.

For China you will have to do the following.

Copy the Nuke Silo.

Give it the Cruise Missile superweapon. (you will to change all of SuperNeutronMissile into Supw or Cruise missile, you'll find it in that module of the cruise Launcher).

Now go to the cruise missile weapon in the weapons module and do the following:

Change the Missile the weapon uses to OtherNukeMissile (or something else you name it) Then go to the weapon objects (al the way down) and you'll find the Nuke Missile. Copy the Neutron Missile (thats what the nukemissile is called) and name it the missile you filled in in the weapon (OtherNukeMissile). You now have a new superweapon that you can edit all you want by going to your new made missile. There you find how you can edit damage, the way it takes to its target and then FX/OCL.

Now simply add the CommandButtons you need (don't forget the Cruise Missile Launcher command Button to fire the Weapon and a second command set for the Mines (since it goes from Mines to EMP mines.

For the GLA its a bit easier.

Copy the Scudstorm and then go to the Demo general and copy the weapon (primary) that the Demo_ScudStorm Uses and set that in your new Scud Storm. Then Copy the new Scud Storm twice (for the Chem and Stealth general and copy the normal ScudStorm (not the copy) once for the DemoGenerals since you have used its weapon.

Then change the names a bit and make sure of those command Buttons (there are 3 availble command buttons you can change: The USA, China and GLA wall.) (GLA wall is called burning barrier).

Then now you will have 1 scud Storm for Anthrax and 1 for Explosives.

Now my fingers hurt from all the typing so I sure hope you'll this.

I use it and its very cool. (the only thing is that all your new superweapons will have the same looking structure).

There you go. And ouch my fingers :wink:

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Of course you'll have top copy the Superweapons for everbody so the new USA superweapon for all the USA generals and the USA itself and that also for China and the GLA. If something doesn;t work then put it here.

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