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Tips to defeat SW general in challenge with hard difficulty

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Can anybody give me advice how to defeat SW general with hard difficulty (I am laser).

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I can only out superweapon her. Turtle up to Supply Drops to get your economy going and lay down some laser turrets for AA. And keep knocking out her airfields. That's all the advice I can give.

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Lining the beaches with laser turrets is a must, but yes superweapon spamming is a must. I do remember that if you build a barracks she will always target that. If you were GLA you could use your tunnel special ability, which makes quite short work of her. With what you have however buy the Cobra Gunship and Fuel Air Bomb then target the power plants. You could purchase A10 strikes as well, they might be good against superweapons, but your best bet would be to ignore those and let them strike your barracks. The best way to finish up would be to use Chinnoks to airlift in some Laser Tanks, you might even want to use these as defense so they can be trained up.

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Can anybody give me advice how to defeat SW general with hard difficulty (I am laser).


It's been a little while, and I'm really an Air Force General fanboy, but I've beaten the General's Challenge with everybody. Here's the tips that I can give you:


As the Laser General, the you need to boost economy and defense at the same time. Set up laser defenses along the coast, while at the same time building a Barracks just south of your base, a little ways away from your Command Center. (She'll keep destroying it, so rebuild it in the exact same spot over and over, and you can focus resources on building in other areas.) Your focus should be to first neutralize the Particle Cannon to the east, with Humvees and Rocket Soldiers if you can, or if you can't get the econ going that way, focus on an airfield with Auroras. (Four Auroras will destroy any superweapon, every time, and they can't be taken down while in flight.


Now, make sure to leave your Auroras in a guarding pattern in the ocean either just to the east of your base, or just to the north, out of range of the island EMP Patriots, but NOT IN YOUR BASE. This way, when she tears apart your Airfield in any way, you can rebuild it, and not have to rebuild your Auroras again. Just slip them in, load them up, and float them outside of your base.


Make sure that you're building a couple of Supply Drops throughout the mission. She's going to target them, but you can rebuild. Always try to keep a reserve of funds on hand in case she takes out something essential, like a Supply Drop, or your Strategy Center. Until you take out her weapons, she's going to keep striking. (Duh.)


Remember to place a couple of Laser Turrets at the southwest corner of your base, as well. Mid-game, Alexander will often airdrop in a group of units in that area, which can cause havoc if you don't have protection. With the Air Force General, I would often use snipers and a Patriot, but with the Laser Turret's all-around heavy damage, two of them will take down anything.


DO NOT worry about trying to expand to the northwestern island anytime soon. Alexander will continue to pummel you throughout the match, and you main concern is taking out her Particle Cannons, Airfields, and Command Center, IN THAT ORDER. Something that you should notice is that her Particle Cannons are on a plateau at the east of her base. If you do it right, you should be able to use four Auroras for each strike, taking out each Particle Cannon, and she WILL NOT REBUILD THEM. Then, you focus on her Airfields to the east, to remove the threat of Fuel Air Auroras, then focus on her Command Center to neutralize general powers. Finally, focus in and take out each of her Bulldozers. As soon as that's done, you can sit back and take your time, because the game is essentially over.


Something that I like to do during the fight, if I have time, is to use Stealth Fighters to force-fire at the EMP Patriots throughout the map. If you can topple her many (strangely placed) defenses, you can more easily get your aerial forces into the base and out again, saving you money and time.


All in all, Alexander puts up a huge fight at the beginning which you have to fight back, but as soon as you do, she doesn't have the cajones to keep up her strength, and you can blow her away. Happy lasering!


- Kyle

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I whooped her last night using Prince Kassad. I started at 10:45 PM and finished at exactly 12:30AM


first, construct a barracks in the right corner of your starting position. then build a supply stash BUT stop at 90% then build another... the UNFINISHED supply stash will be attacked by her A-10 strike in which you MUST CANCEL the building as soon as the A-10s start firing. this will give you back your $1500.


never ever build any stinger sites. rely on your quad cannons and rpg troopers. you wont be having any probs regarding her comanche attacks.. how can she attack you with her puny helicopters when she CAN'T EVEN see your base (provided that you upgraded everything with camo netting).



to stop her first superweapon (on your right), build three angry mobs and two quad cannons. use the mobs to destroy the EMP patriot missile near the oil derrick and to destroy the sentry drones. then use a saboteur to restart the weapon's counter... In my game Alexis sold her superweapon after I sabotaged it.



to attack her base, build a SCUD storm and fire on the upper-right portion of the island, the one with 6 powerplants and two EMPs. make sure that the area is cleared.


use sneak attack there after destroying the buildings, then load the sneak attack with quad cannons that are GPS Scrambled.


then load ur sneak attack with saboteurs RIDING COMBAT CYCLES. use THEM to shut down her base's power so that you can restart her superweapons and her generals powers (by sabotaging her command center)








I only used one SCUD storm. the game ended with me having one particle cannon, a barracks, war factory, two tunnel networks, command center, and one black market.






never underestimate the power of the saboteur.. LoL... I enjoyed using them





I had at least six restarts on that level. but the level I enjoyed most with Kassad is the fight with the Tank General. Hijackers took care of his Emperors...




hope that guide helps...

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