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APOC's Kane's Wrath Patch Update

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On the Official C&C Forums, community manager APOC has posted what he has called his "Patch State of the Union Address". In this update we find out about the current status of the first patch for Kane's Wrath and the continued patch support for Tiberium Wars as well.


Hey everyone,


This past week things have swung a bit into turmoil, whether its arguing over the patch situation for Kane's Wrath and Tiberium Wars, or flaring tempers over pro-players balance opinions versus casual players versus the rest of the world. I've even had my share of long posts on both the above topics and in some cases I feel my words are being taken out of context or misunderstood


I'd like to try and set the record straight in as much as possible here and give you guys an update on the current situation.


First, even though we are only two weeks past the launch of Kane's Wrath, i'd like to apologize for not communicating earlier our current progress on the patch situation. We absolutely understand the desync situation, and thanks to your help and others we've nailed a number of these desyncs and are currently assessing the best ways to plug them up. We also understand some things that were fixed in C&C 3, like interface lag, we're not transferred over to Kane's Wrath. This was unintentional and I am making certain any significant critical fixes in TW that for any reason didn't get transferred over to Kane's Wrath, are strongly considered for our first patch. With regards to balance comments such as the Mechapede being OP, this was an oversight in our balance testing and is not the fault of the players we brought in to help. When you have 9 factions in an RTS game, its a guarantee that something will go out of whack. In general, we are trying to nail down the absolute top balance complaints and see if we can incorporate a small segment in to the first patch. I agree, big balance change patches are bad and with 9 factions, you have to be extremely careful. Aside from the Mechapede and the bugs/desyncs causing other imbalances, from talking with players and reading the boards many imbalances are subjective opinions and nothing outside the norm during the first month of an RTS....rest assured we're not being ignorant to these comments or avoiding.


Right now, we are getting the wheels spinning on a patch for Kane's Wrath, and the primary focus is on fixing these desyncs and some of the critical exploitative bugs causing imbalances. With regards to my comments about "70% of players caring more about single player and skirmish" and that we generally focus our efforts on patching multiplayer...I certainly did not mean to infer we don't care about SP or the AI. Yes, both have their faults and we absolutely do care and if there is something critical or emergency like that we deem is of that level, we'll look in to fixing it. Right now, the above issues noted take precedence, and please do note that these changes will also impact SP and our AI as they are currently tied together. So you may find some of your grievances fixed when that happens.


As for Tiberium Wars, I would like to apologize about my blog posting a while back where I mentioned proposed balance changes for 1.10. Unfortunately, finishing Kane's Wrath became the priority and getting the immediate critical fixes for Kane's Wrath is the 1st priority before we look back to Tiberium Wars. We are absolutely not done patching Tiberium Wars and never wanted to infer anything of the sort. We don't have a legion of people who can patch either game at will, but we are doing our best with our current resources and projects at hand. We are working to build solutions for the near future that will allow us to have greater resources to patch and so forth., But with Tiberium Wars having been patched 9 times and Kane's Wrath not receiving 1 yet, the priority has to be obvious.


That said, TW is not the forgotten child or the melted vanilla ice cream. We've come a long way in improving our support for our games and we're not about to try and take steps back, that would certainly be borderline crazy.


So what's this all mean...


It means, we're on the case and we'll try and get this to you as quickly as possible. We cannot hotfix the current KW issues, they are larger than that unfortunately. I am fighting for you guys daily I want you to know. Please do not take any of my previous comments about SP or AI as anything with little care, and please understand we're absolutely dedicated to supporting our titles and will try and quell these issues in our best means possible.


I will provide you guys some better communication going forward so you have a good idea of how far along we are.


Thanks and hope this helps everyone breath a sign of relief...



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I would rather have seen Kane's Wrath being delayed than having this launch.

Post-launch issues have a big chance of making some people stop playing the game, and it's no guarantee that just fixing these issues will bring them back. :(

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Yeah, I just hope the beta is decent and our input is actually used and considered. Not like a recent beta I was in, that was a total joke from day one...

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