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Red Alert 3 Questions & Answers (Updated 09/08/2008)

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Below are questions and answers about Red Alert 3, they are all answered by C&C Community Manager, APOC. You can submit your own question by posting them in this thread on the Official C&C Forums http://forums.ea.com/mboards/thread.jspa?t...90&tstart=0.


We will keep this thread updated when new questions become available. It will remain pinned at the top of the Red Alert 3 forum.


RED ALERT 3 Q&A UPDATE #12 (09/08/2008)


1. Is Yuriko's ability the result of the use of stolen old Russian psychic research? -HobGoblin88


No. Yuriko Omega's psionic abilities were born of years of intense, and what can only assumed to be horrific, "research" that was performed on her by a government-funded military R&D contractor. The only thing that she shares with the Soviets' psychic research program is the etymology of her codename, Yuriko.


2. Do the soviets have any units they can use to spy on enemies? For example, a spy plane? -satanreborn666


Not quite. While the Allies have a Surveillance Sweep power that can be used to expose enemy activity, the Soviets don't have a dedicated power that's comparable. However, since submarines don't appear on an enemy's radar until they surface, an astute Soviet player can use Akulas to get the drop on an opponent.


3. If you capture an enemy construction yard from a different faction, does your build mechanic change? -goodgoat


Yes, if you use an Allied Engineer to capture an Imperial Construction Yard, for example, any structures that you build from that ConYard will emerge as Cores, and will respect the Empire's unique build mechanic, even though they're now under Allied control.


4. Can Natasha shoot out the pilots of nanocores, allowing you to capture them? -kiasukiasiman


No, Imperial Cores aren't controlled by any infantry, so they are impervious to Natasha's special ability.


5. Will the ability to power down your own buildings be in Red Alert 3? -AfterStar


No, you cannot individually control the power output of select structures like you can in previous Command & Conquer games. This decision was made in order to keep the power mechanic relatively simple.


6. Can Tier 3 base defenses like Tesla Coils and Spectrum Towers shoot over walls? -fightthepower


Yes, all tier-3 base defenses (Tesla Coils, Wave-Force Towers, and Spectrum Towers) can shoot over walls because of their height. Lower-tier base defenses cannot, however.


RED ALERT 3 Q&A UPDATE #11 (02/08/2008)


1. Does the mirage tanks ability cloak friendly units or does it disguise them as trees/cars/etc? Also, does it work while the mirage tank is moving? -theroflcopter


The Mirage Tank's Gap Generator cloaks friendly units, essentially making them invisible to enemies. It does not disguise them as part of the surroundings. The Mirage Tank's innate ability is to disguise itself into the background, but this only works when it?s stationary.


2. What units will you not be able to "bribe"? -havok2100x


Among other units, the Spy cannot use his bribe ability on aircraft, MCVs, and Imperial Cores.


3. Will T1 Defenses such as Flak Cannon, Defender-VX, Sentry Gun, Multigunner Turret, be placed on both Land and Water? How will I place infantry inside the multigunner turret on water? - irelox


Yes, you will be able to place all tier- 1 base defenses either on land or on water. You cannot place non-amphibious infantry into any Multigunner Turret that's on water, however.


4. When deciding upon a third side for Red Alert 3, what factions were suggested? And why in the end was Empire of the Rising Sun chosen? -Unknown_fan


We went through a wide variety of candidates for the third faction, including everything from an all-oceanic faction based on the Red Alert 2 Giant Squid to a more traditional sub-faction system composed of armies from around the world, and everything in between. Ultimately, we decided on the Empire of the Rising Sun mostly because 1) creating a timeline wherein Japan rises to be a militaristic world power post-WWII fit within the fiction of Red Alert very nicely; and 2) of the team's devotion to Japanese pop culture, and the amount of reference that can be pulled from anime, manga, and videogames that we all watch and play.


5. Do apoc tanks have anti air missiles? -RoMaNoV_007


No Apocalypse Tanks cannot target air units - they are strictly anti-ground. Most units in Red Alert 3 are extremely specialized, and excel in only one or two areas.


6. What can you get from crates in Red Alert 3? -zrooper


Among other things, crates will give affected units health and veterancy.


RED ALERT 3 Q&A UPDATE #10 (25/07/2008)


1. Will engineers be able to capture fallen mechs? -evilconker


Sort of. Natasha has the ability to shoot the pilots out of most vehicles by using her secondary ability. Her steady hand can essentially kill the driver of the vehicle, while leaving the vehicle itself intact and ripe for the picking. Any nearby infantry soldier can then run over to the disabled vehicle and gain control of it.


2. What are the squares/blocks around the buildings when u build them? -lee999


That's a simple feedback system that we've improved from Red Alert 2 that's used to indicate the state of buildable areas under and around the building. White squares around the building indicate areas that are OK to place the structure onto. If a grid appears red, that means you won't be able to place that structure down on that grid (it might be impassable terrain, occupied by a pre-existing structure, etc). If the grids appear green underneath your structure, you'll be able to construct that structure.


3. Does the Dolphin have the same primary weapon as it did in RA2? -LoDoubt


Yes, the Dolphins in Red Alert 3 employ a very similar weapon as their cousins in Red Alert 2 -- amplified echolocation. As for the Dolphins' secondary ability, they're able to leap out of the water for a short period of time, in the process avoiding any torpedoes or other enemies that may be targetting them.


4. If an allied conyard packs up, does it carry its researched tech tier wherever it goes, or does it vanish when it redeploys? -dky


It depends. An Allied Conyard can pack up into an MCV and move around to a different location and still be able to grant production structures its researched Heightened and Max Clearance tiers, but only if those structures are within the build radius of that Conyard. If the MCV moves beyond this build radius, the production structures will lose those Clearance levels. Allied forces use a very powerful encryption method when transmitting those Clearance levels from the Conyard, but a noteably short range is a downside of that encryption technology.


5. Can allies use powers on each other? For example, using the Cryocopter shrink ray on your allies units, or using the iron curtain on your allies units. -chakakhan800


Absolutely. Units that are shrunken by the Cryocopter can get a significant speed boost, so you can do things like place an Engineer in a Riptide ACV and then shrink it, and then zip it across the map to capture neutral or enemy structures faster than would be otherwise possible.


6. Are we gonna see C&C3 style pics on the sidebar, or Generals/Red Alert 2 style pics? -uri


The unit and structure buttons on the sidebar in Red Alert 3 will be stylized to look like a graphic novel, so in that sense, they're closer to the look of the buttons in Commnand & Conquer 3 than those in Generals or Red Alert 2, which were more photorealistic.


RED ALERT 3 Q&A UPDATE #9 (18/07/2008)


1. In a screenshot the advanced power plant had the nuclear symbol on it. Does it mean there is nuclear tech in the game? -russiansushi


Good eye! No, it doesn't mean that there is nuclear tech in the game. The advanced power plant was one of the first structures that we modeled, and did so before we had settled the question of whether or not Red Alert 3 would have any nuclear technology or not. That symbol has since been removed.


2. Will there be an intel database as seen in C&C 3? -nicktaylor326


No, we're not doing an intel database for Red Alert 3.


3. Will the allies have a spy satellite? -romanov007


Sort of. One of the Allied player powers is a surveillance sweep that sends modified versions of the Sky Knight UCAV streaking across any area on the map, revealing the fog of war and any enemy activity that may lurk underneath. Since they're completely unarmed, Allied forces sought fit to send three of these recon drones per sortie in order to increase redundancy.


4. Will there maps without land like a map called "Pacific Ocean"? -gman201


No, all map campaign and skirmish/multiplayer maps have some land, just like all skirmish/multiplayer maps have some water.


5. Can the Japan structures pack back up into "cores"? -community


No, just like the Soviet Sputnik and the Allied Prospector, once the Nano Cores have been deployed into their respective structures, they can't pack back up.


RED ALERT 3 Q&A UPDATE #8 (11/07/2008)


1. Are submarines going to be detectable like in Ra2? Or only when they fire? - aradiel34


Submersible units in Red Alert 3 like the Soviet Akula Sub are always ?detectable? insofar as they?re not stealthed when underwater. However, they can only be attacked when they surface to fire, so as long as a player? s subs aren?t actively attacking their targets, they?ll be impervious to attack from almost all weapon types, excluding torpedoes.


2. Will the iron curtain be returning? - RATZGobbler


Yes, the Soviet?s Iron Curtain does return as a Superweapon in Red Alert 3. Just like previous games, it?ll protect targeted structures for a short period of time with the unfortunate side effect of killing any unprotected infantry within the superweapon?s range.


3. Will Popular maps such as "Bay of Pigs" (BEST MAP EVER) or "Arctic Circle" be making a comeback or a re-vamp in RA3? - Bioamerican


Those two maps specifically won? t be making a comeback in Red Alert 3. However, we are including at least two remakes of some of our favorite RA2 multiplayer maps, including Temple Prime, which is a remake of Tournament Map A, and Roundhouse Redux, which is a loose adaptation of Roundhouse Kick.


4. Will you be able to build off allies con yards like the old red alert 2 games? - hapkido112


Yes, players that are allied with each other in traditional multiplayer matches or Red Alert 3?s co-op campaign will be able to share each other?s build radii.


5. Is the Allied Particle Cannon similar to GDI's Ion Cannon? - prospector77


Their behaviours are a little different, but the end result, which involves a giant energy beam from the sky pulverising enemy forces, is largely the same.


6. Do peacekeepers shields make them invincible against small arms? - Riflemen


Not quite. While the Peacekeeper does get a significant armour boost against small arms fire like the Conscript?s ADK-45, he doesn't become completely invincible while in his secondary mode.


RED ALERT 3 Q&A UPDATE #7 (03/07/2008)


1. Will the King Oni able to crush t-1 and t-2 tanks? -killer989


Sort of. The King Oni's secondary ability is a powerful linebacker-style bullrush. Upon spotting an enemy unit or structure, he'll drop his shoulder and run directly at his target, running over almost anything in his path. The King Oni doesn't crush units just by walking over them normally, the way that an Apocalypse Tank would, however.


2. Will the flak trooper be back or another soviet rocket trooper? -my_big_boss


The Flak Trooper is indeed back as the Soviet's primary anti-vehicle and anti- air infantryman. He lugs around a heavy flak cannon on his shoulder, and he's none too happy about it.


3. Will Allies be getting chronoshifting units or abilities? -tmf5056


The Allies still have a good deal of Chrono-based abilities, despite the fact that Dr. Einstein no longer exists in this timeline. While Tanya is the only unit who's been authorized to use Chrono technology on the battlefield, the Allies still employ Chrono weapons in a lot of their player powers. On a related note, it appears that Chrono Legionnaires never came into existence in this timeline either...


4. Will ingame taunting be back in multiplayer games like in Red Alert 2? for example in red alert 2 if u pressed F10 in a multiplayer game then each faction had a different laugh etc. -coolopke


The taunting mechanic in Red Alert 2 was fun to use, and we're definitely planning on implementing something similar in RA3.


5. Will the waypoint system from ra2 and yr be making a return in ra3 -centrybombr


We'll have a waypoint system in Red Alert 3, yes, but it's more similar to the one used in Command & Conquer 3 than previous games. We're improving the feedback system for our waypoints too.


6. Will RA3 have a option where you can give money to your allies like in LOTR BFME 2? -g3n3r41


No, you can't tribute money to your allies in a multiplayer game, but we're considering allowing players to transfer control of units. As with other balance-related questions, we reserve the right to nix this ability if it proves to be problematic.


7. Will scraps of destroyed units litter the battlefield? -xmatroxkd


Yes, the husks of units and structures that are destroyed in battle will litter the map... but only for a few seconds. We kept these scraps around for a long time originally, but they simply ended up cluttering the battlefield.


RED ALERT 3 Q&A UPDATE #6 (27/06/2008)


1. Will Apocalypse tank be able to crush smaller vehicles like guardians, bullfrogs..?

Yes, being one of the largest tanks on the battlefield, the Apocalypse Tank will certainly be able to crush smaller vehicles. It can do so by either running over them, or by utilizing its secondary ability, the magnetic harpoon, which pulls hapless victims towards its massive grinders.


2. Is there directional armor?


Yeah, we do have directional armor. Vehicles that take incoming fire from the side or the rear will absorb more damage than if they were hit from the front. Players will see a yellow burst of shrapnel on units that are taking side- or rear-damage as a visual indicator.


UPDATE: We're still figuring out whether or not we're going to keep directional armor in Red Alert 3. While it's currently working in the game, we may end up removing it altogether as we continue to apply balance changes.


3. Will there be silos?


No, there are no silos in Red Alert 3. All the ore that players harvest is instantly transferred into a lump sum of credits without any kind of cap.


4. Will maps contain fog like environments like some cnc3 maps?


Some of the maps in Red Alert 3 will have adverse weather conditions like rain and snow (see Q&A #5), but we don?t have any fog yet? other than the fog of war, of course.


5. Can walls be built on water?


No, as of now, walls can only be built on land. As with a lot of things that we discuss in these Q&As, however, this may change by the time we finish balancing the game.


6. Will classic C&C controls return as an option?


Yes, the classic left-mouse button interface is already in and working, though there are still a couple of issues that we?re working through. We?re hoping to have them ironed out by the time the game is done.


7. Will the Kirov airship have a secondary weapon together with its base-breaking gigabomb?


Sort of. In its default state, the Kirov drops standard high-explosive dumb bombs as its primary weapon. However, we?re debating giving most tier-3 units an upgraded primary weapon when they reach heroic status. For the Kirov, this weapon would be a Tesla bomb that can do multiple damage types upon impact. It?s still too early to tell whether or not we?ll implement this functionality, however. Oh, one other thing. When a Kirov is shot down, it becomes a weapon itself, dealing a devastating blow to anything that it crashes into.


8. Do infantry drop into prone position like old C&C games when underfire?


Yes, infantry still get suppressed when taking fire from an enemy. There?s a little bit of a debate on the team as to whether we?ll keep this mechanic in the final version of Red Alert 3, however.


9. When chronosphering amphibious units from, say, land to sea, will they just convert to their water version instantly or will they sink?


Amphibious units that are Chronosphered from land to water or vice versa will simply transform into their alternate versions and end up unharmed. Non- amphibious units, however, will perish when transported out of their element with a Chronosphere.


RED ALERT 3 Q&A UPDATE #5 (20/06/2008)


1. Are Gap Generators in the game? -ravenchist


No, the Allies don’t have any Gap Generators in Red Alert 3. However, clever players will be able to use Chrono technology to temporarily hide their units and structures from prying eyes.


2. Will the allies have pillbox returned in RA 3? -izzyalert


No, the Allies don’t have a pillbox. Their primary base defense uses the same kind of technology as the IFV Multigunner, which allows players to customize that defense’s weapon by garrisoning it with different kinds of infantry.


3. Is there weather in the game? ex. rain and snow? -redalertfan


Some of the missions in Red Alert 3 have varying weather conditions, like rain and snow, yes. But if you’re asking if the Allies have a Weather Control Device anymore, then the answer is no.


4. Can ore node get entirely empty, or does it always regenerate? -pcjack125


As of now, Ore Nodes don’t regenerate, but neither do they completely run dry. An “empty” Ore Node will continue to produce a tiny trickle of resources for the player to collect, but it’s in their best interest to find and expand to the nearest full Node. As we continue to balance the game, however, we may change the behaviour of empty Ore Nodes.


5. Will red alert 3 feature upgrades? -mikekunt32


Unit upgrades don’t play as prominent a role in Red Alert 3 as they did in Command & Conquer 3. Players will need to purchase upgrades for certain structures in order to progress through the tech tree, and all three factions can temporarily enhance the behavior of some of their units through certain Player Powers, but traditional upgrades aren’t as prevalent as in some of our previous games.


6. Where is the Tesla Tank? -Community


Contrary to some reports, the Tesla Tank is definitely in the game, and it’s one of our coolest looking units. It should be noted that it’s specifically a campaign-only unit, so players won’t be able to build it in skirmish or multiplayer matches. The Tesla Tank’s place in the tech tree is essentially taken up by the Hammer Tank. That, coupled with the fact that the Stingray is an amphibious unit, made the Tesla Tank largely redundant. That said, we’re including the model in the game, so modders can do as they please with it when Red Alert 3 releases later this year.


RED ALERT 3 Q&A UPDATE #4 (07/06/2008)


1. What kind of tech buildings are there going to be? -mamga


There will be about a half dozen or so tech structures in the game that each grant various bonuses to the player that captures them. If you watched the recent 15-minute gameplay video we released recently, you probably noticed one of these structures, the Observation Post, which reveals the fog of war in a given area (that area is significantly smaller in the actual than it was in the demo).


2. Will all land units be amphibious now? -luigi1130113


Absolutely not. Most units in Red Alert 3 play a specific role, and are relegated to the ground, water, or air. Amphibious abilities are limited to a specific subset of units, and that number varies between the Allies, Soviets, and the Empire.


3. Will Chronosphere return? -nastyioncannon


Yes, the Chronosphere is making a return in Red Alert 3. Einstein’s removal from the current timeline by the Soviets has affected some of the Allies’ normal suite of technologies more than others. For mysterious reasons, the Chronosphere appears to have been largely unaffected.


4. Will the hotkeys such as "escort" and "formation" make their return in RA3? The escort feature in RA2 was very good and useful in the past. -tham007


Sort of. We’re bringing over the same formation preview functionality from C&C3 to Red Alert 3. If you issue a formation preview command to multiple units of varying speed in the game, they will all move to their destination at the same speed, effectively escorting each other.


5. Will most of the unit's secondary abilities be automatic (example: confessor upgrade in C&C3), or will most of them be manually selected (example: confessor cabal's grenade from Kane's Wrath). -jamesthegreat


Actually, every one of the secondary abilities have to be manually executed by the player. Every unit in Red Alert 3 has one of three different types of secondary abilities: instant abilities like the Allied Attack Dog’s bark, which fire off as soon as the ability is executed; toggleable abilities like the Soviet Conscript’s Molotov cocktail, which switch a unit between two different states; and targetable abilities like the Imperial MCV, which have to be “placed” somewhere on the map after executing.


6. Will the Mind Control Technology Make a Comeback? - benaham52


No, there isn’t any mind control technology like there was in Red Alert 2 and Yuri’s Revenge, but some Imperial units (and structures) have psionic abilities. It's a somewhat subtle distinction, but the end result is definitely unique.


7. Will there be air to air dogfights in RA3? Up until now, all C&C games had very limited air fights, will air superiority/control play a more integral part to the game than past games? -afterstar


There will definitely be air-to-air battles, as every faction has an air superiority fighter. Right now, the fighters for all three factions hover in place when idle, so the “dogfights” are much more deliberate and the outcomes less random than they were in Generals or C&C3.


8. Will there be Fog of War from CNC3 or shroud from previous games? - Marzillius


Yes, fog of war plays (and vision range) play an important role in Red Alert 3, and there are numerous structures, player powers, and gameplay mechanics that affect both.


9. Can the Sickle shoot a single unit with more than one of its gun? -General community question


If you jump the Sickle into a group of foes (more than two to be safe) and some survive, all three guns should go off. It only fires two guns against a single target if you give it a right-click attack command though. It needs an enemy behind it.


RED ALERT 3 Q&A UPDATE #3 (29/05/2008)


1. Will the aircraft have pilots like in C&C Generals, because that was one of the best features of Generals, to promote other units with downed pilots? –nightpish


No, aircraft units are self-contained and don’t have individual pilots. Red Alert 3 pilots are brave, and don’t resort to cowardly acts like ejecting out of their burning aircraft.


2. Will the Soviets' new lightning-toting infantry, the Tesla Trooper, be able to charge Tesla coils like the Tesla Troopers in RA2? –jjsoviet3


Yes, Tesla Troopers will still be able to charge nearby Tesla Coils for a boost to their efficiency. Tesla Troopers will do this on their own to any nearby Coils, or you can manually order them to do so.


3. Will there be Ores and gems in red alert 3? and if so how will they be different this time, since from red alert 2? –gamerfanwolf


Sort of. Ore will be making a return as the primary resource in Red Alert 3, thought gems probably won’t. More importantly, unlike ore in Red Alert 2, the ore in RA3 is localized entirely within ore nodes and not strewn about the map like Tiberium. This enables us to more tightly gate the economy and prevent a lot of runaway inflation that Command & Conquer 3 has.


4. Will epic units exist in RA3? – gen


No, there are no Kane’s Wrath-style epic units in Red Alert 3.


5. Like in Yuri's Revenge, will any of the Commandos (i.e. the Allies' Tanya unit) have any C4 charges that destroys tanks and other armoured units? -nukemeister


Yes, Tanya will automatically whip out her C4 whenever she’s given a contextual attack command on an enemy vehicle or structure. Natasha has a similar contextual attack, but she doesn’t use C4.


6. Will there be multiple build ques like having cranes like in cnc3? -Shaolinie


Only the Soviets will have the ability to build from multiple queues. A new queue is granted whenever a player constructs a crane, similar to the way this mechanic worked in C&C3.


7. Will the Service Depots be in the game or will vehicles be repaired at the War Factory like in C&C3, if they do come back will they still be required to train an MCV? -Truhav1c


The repair mechanic differs from faction to faction. Allied units, for example, have to be repaired back at their Armor Facility (War Factory), whereas Soviet units can only be repaired at a nearby Crusher Crane… assuming they don’t get too close to the Crusher end.


8. Will there be crates in RA 3?? –goraysp


Yes, there will be crates that grant units different bonuses such as health, a boost in veterancy, and shroud clearing, among other things.


9. Will prism tech make a return? – ErusianAce


Sort of. Prism tech per se, as it was developed by Dr. Einstein, has changed somewhat in the Einstein-less world of Red Alert 3. Instead, the Allied depend on a similar weaponized technology called Spectrum Tech.


RED ALERT 3 Q&A UPDATE #2 (18/04/2008)


Now that bases can be built on water, resources are found at sea and many units can go in water, how is Naval Combat any different from land combat? How do you plan to retain the uniqueness of Naval Combat?


One of the ways we maintain unique styles of play on land and on the water is by contextually varying a unit’s role. For example, the Allies have a hovercraft that functions as an effective anti-structure and anti-vehicle unit while it’s in the water, but is then only effective against infantry when it’s on land.


Why in every game so far do the Allies and GDI have solely American accents? Will you consider fixing this in RA3?


Actually, Red Alert 2 had plenty of Allied units that had European accents, like the Spy and the British Sniper, and Red Alert 3 will be no different. In fact, some of our best Allied unit responses in RA3 are by non-Americans, like the Guardian Tank.


What type of terrains will RA3 have?


One of the nice things about the Red Alert 3 campaign is that it spans across many different parts of the globe, and that really lets us add a lot of unique environments that look different from each other. I don’t think we want to give away all the different terrain types, but you can expect to fight in the snowy environs of Russia, urban sprawls of Japan, and picturesque villages in Europe, among many others. We’re also focusing heavily on naval gameplay, so that means many of our campaign maps and all of our skirmish/MP maps will have ocean or lake coastlines, each of which will also contribute to that map’ s unique look.


Will there be any sort of environmental hazards? I.E. Radioactivity, biohazards, etc.


There certainly will be. Again, without giving too much away, you can expect at least one of the superweapons in the game to leave a residual effect on the ground for a short time after it has been activated.


Will walls and gates be making a marked return to Command & Conquer in Red Alert 3?


The simple answer is yes… and no. Walls will most certainly be making their return from earlier Command & Conquer games in Red Alert 3, but gates will not. We have walls up and running in the game now, actually, and we’re working on ways to make them much easier to build. However (there’s always a catch) if we can’ t get them to a state that we’re happy with, we may decide to remove them, just like we did with Command & Conquer 3. But as of now, the plan is to keep them in the game and make them as user-friendly as possible.


Will you be able to collect resources in the water? What are the basic aesthetics of how this works?


Yeah, our resource-collection mechanic definitely includes resources on water. I think we’re going to be talking about our resource model in detail in a few weeks, but suffice it to say that you’ll have resources to collect both on land and on water, and if you cede control of one or the other to your opponent, you’ll be putting yourself at a huge disadvantage.


Red Alert 2 was defined in part by the presence of real world locations in both map structure and specific landmarks. Will this be continued in RA3 and if so to will it be more or less abstract than what was done for RA2?


We’ll definitely continue the Red Alert 2 tradition of taking players to real-world locations across the globe. Some of the locations that Red Alert 3’s campaign take place in include Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Cannes, just to name a few.


Will there be any limit of how far of land you can build your naval base.


That depends on your faction, really. While theirs are a little different from each, the Allies and Soviets use a traditional build system that requires you to increase the area that you can build any given structure (including any naval structures) by constantly expanding your base. So for the Allies and the Soviets, the short answer is yes, there are limits that are tied to your base’s build radius. The Empire of the Rising Sun, on the other, utilizes a build system that’s markedly different than either the Soviets or the Allies… and that’s all we’ll say on that subject for now.


RED ALERT 3 Q&A UPDATE #1 (04/04/2008)


Will there be any maps without water in RA3?


The story-driven campaign will have some maps with little or no water on them. However, every single multiplayer map will have significant bodies of water on them.


Will squads be in RA3?


All units are individually controlled. There are no squads in RA3.


What was behind the decision to slow gameplay?


With Red Alert 3 we’re designing the gameplay to be a lot more deliberate and measured. We’re shooting for average matches of 20-30 minutes and want to make sure that a lot of the unit spamming tactics, particularly the early game rushes of C&C3, are less viable. Games between experienced RA3 players will tend to go to the player who makes good use of force composition and unit micro, not the guy who can build the biggest scrum of tanks. The trick with this, and so far I think we’re doing a pretty good job of it, is to accomplish these goals without slowing the game down too much. Don’t worry – you’ll find that Red Alert 3 games are plenty fast, and they’re certainly fun.


Will naval play be the emphasis in RA3 or have land, sea and air all been balanced so all are of equal importance?


Navy is going to be a core gameplay element with Red Alert 3, the ability to build on land and sea will be instrumental in your gameplay strategies. Certainly with respect to gameplay balance, we are treating land, sea, and air with equal importance. We definitely don’t want one area of the game having a significant advantage over the other, we need equal balance comrades!


Will the sidebar be making a return?



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Re: RED ALERT 3 Q&A UPDATE #3 (29/05/2008)

Q6. Will there be multiple build ques like having cranes like in cnc3? -Shaolinie

A. Only the Soviets will have the ability to build from multiple queues. A new queue is granted whenever a player constructs a crane, similar to the way this mechanic worked in C&C3.

If they can successfully pull of different gameplay mechanics within the game... dozer v mcv for instance... well that will be truely breathtaking!

(I am of course refering to the comment that Allies will have pop-up defences, and Soviets will have Generals build from ground up defenses, and the Japanese another type.)

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Why was this unpinned, any particular reason?

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Its old, people might get the impression this is about Uprising, when its just about RA3.

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