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    I use mIRC for gaming server moderation. I also code my own tool to help with that, bringing info from the different servers and channels into a single custom window.
  2. Hm, strange. I can see your profile. I'll send you a message. Sorry everyone else for taking this a bit off-topic. I hope some of the information presented is helpful for you all.
  3. These are fair criticisms. Indeed, I've put the most work into the bridge and the house, and they are also some of my newest. Part of what I've always admired about you is your attention to detail and desire to become better and to help others do the same. There are different levels and angles of trolling, and I still disagree with you on that point. I can agree, however, that many people have issues with each other. I don't think personal issues are unworkable or unresolvable. It takes compromise and humility, but too many people want to be leaders and take charge without backing down on anything, which has led to a lot of fighting and problems. My loyalty lies with APB, as that is the game I have spent so much time on and been having fun playing. I started playing it in HS and always dreamed of having the opportunity to make it better, a dream which came true in 2008. I admired your constant art updates when you were in charge, and continue to be interested in seeing your work and critiques. Moving to W3DH wouldn't be feasible, considering 1)I do not seem to be trusted very much there (probably due to my BHP affiliation), 2)APB is still with BHP, 3)I don't personally enjoy playing the other w3d games, and 4)I don't have time and can't make time to double up on my work efforts. I do wish W3DH all the best in their endeavors, and I am interested to see what they produce. As far as rocky relations, I see you as a currently talented artist with a dramatic history in this community. As such, I enjoy seeing your work, but also cringe when old drama is brought up, especially as it relates to the game on which I've worked so hard. I appreciate your ability to disassociate myself from your dislike for BHP, as well as your offer to help with improving my 3D artistic ability, so I believe many of your feelings in this matter are genuine. I don't have any problems with your behavior, except what I brought up earlier about trolling. If you did "all of the work," and most of your work has been redone as described in my last post, and the necessity and manpower required to redo all of your work in higher quality has been lacking, then you are using, at best, unconvincing points to make your case, and this is what originally prompted me to respond to you here. I have been attempting to correct misinformation and inaccuracies that each side has posited about the other side since this whole split started. I'm sure there are legitimate reasons to have legitimate problems with some staff members at BHP. I totally get that. But the points made should be legitimate points, and not the things you've claimed about the "poorness" or "lacking" development of the game itself, which totally makes sense considering the timeline, decisions, and the personal lives of those involved. I apologize for the long post(s), and any offense that might have been given, as it's not intended.
  4. Unfortunately I lost access to that forum around the time we were discussing this. After Gamma's release, I worked towards creating some new things for the game, most of which showed up in a blog or two but have not been applied to a public release yet. See: refill pads, house (forgive the unfinished lighting and interior in this render), wine cellar with chandeliers added after the render, Raraku, a Soviet Tech Center (latest render), tech console for the Tech Center, a redoing of the majority of the map RA_CoastalInfluence [before|after] to actually bring it to the game, and a bridge [with ] for said map. Fact is, I love creating new models/textures/scenes and challenging/pushing myself to learn new things. Over the last few years, I've applied it to APB, with some, I'd like to think, great results, especially for this increasingly and supremely dated game engine. The vast majority of your maps were overhauled to varying degrees. The least modified would be Metro, and that was the only one not imported to 3ds max, retextured, meshsmoothed, reshaped, etc. Many of the basic map designs and flow have been preserved, as they remain for "nostalgia's sake," which would also describe why the maps remain in the first place. I suppose one could say I've been improving things over the years for better gameplay experience (graphical and gameplay improvements while preserving nostalgia, since I love playing this game, and that's where a lot of my passion for it stems from), and not always for the sake of brand new things (although even this has changed in recent years, as described above). Correct me if I'm wrong, but I can't think of any tiling terrain textures of yours that remain in the game. They were all replaced by 1k textures and applied to the maps. The factoid about the buildings being 11 years old I will not contest. As far as memory serves, you made newer buildings before you left, but they never made it into the game. There have been a number of base buildings modeled/textured to varying degrees since that time (helipad, war factory, refinery, missile silo, tech centers), but none are ingame due to the vast amount of work that takes. All of the base defenses and walls have been remade, animating when they die (something which did take a lot of work, but made it into the game and should not be ignored). As far as sounds go, I don't know which of the sounds you're referring to, as I recall several [complete?] sound overhauls occurring since your departure. You appear to be trolling APB and its developers. You are trying to make a strong case for how so many of your things are still ingame, but as I've stated above, I feel it's an argument that falls short, and I feel can more accurately be described as scorn directed at the alleged shortcomings of BHP staff in the wake of your exodus.
  5. Minus the buildings, a great majority of the things you mentioned have been redone. I spent a good deal of time converting your things to 3ds max (including the building exteriors and interiors), fixing countless bugs, adding LOD, making new props (adding LOD and proxying them in the process), and completely redoing terrain (including the textures). Some of these fixes and changes have been in test builds only for a few years, so perhaps you are counting back to the last major art release, which was in 2011, a mere five years after you quit. It's funny to me that you would say eleven years in this context, when you quit nine years ago, and most of your things have been redone, many of which had even been redone by 2011's public release, while at the same time calling out BattleLaf for saying "a few years back" when it was a few more than a few. It's also funny that you would call someone else out on trolling after saying all of these things. Personal lives and free time play a lot into development time. Did you have any job or school commitments when you made all of these things? I hate to refer back to the "starving cats lul" incident, but it appears you would be comparing apples and oranges here, or at the very least, comparing your achievements to those of others in a similar line of work, but ignoring everything else (e.g. free time, manpower, and necessity, which are all completely legitimate reasons to not have thoroughly completed certain elements of this unpaid job). I hated this too until I found "BBCode Mode," a small button at the top left of the post editor which lets you type, copy, and paste post elements including BBCode.