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  1. Hi guys, I have been having this problem to change the refinery with the tib tower for each faction, so the economy will be filled automatically with the stats of 500 CR but with a max of build of 5. I tried replacing the refinery with the tib tower, but the building does nothing (like it that it still is a neutral building). Second thing is I need some extra coders or coder for my mod Evolutions: Real Time Strategy Evolved, a mod that brings Halo to a RTS perspective for the game Commmand & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars, allot of work have already been done, but doing all the code alone is taking age's and to be honest I'm still not that advanced with the coding of Tiberium Wars. What I'm searching for coder is some-one that can replace the buildings, and special command powers to be replaced with the Halo one's, and our content, and also (this would be a big help) known how to make custom particle's. My work will still be the coding part, and texture's, and some 3d model and animation. But I still have some trouble's with some specific coding which I need help with. You wont be standing outside of my source code, however this is only if you can provide some great references of mods you have been working on, and the people where I can ask if this information is correct, since I dont want my mod to be leaked on the internet. So if you can help me with how I can make a automatic economy with a build limit of 5 supply depots, that would be great, and if you are interrested in helping out with the mod, please contact me here or on moddb. Here is the link to my mod, and profile. moddb mod page: http://www.moddb.com/mods/halo-evolutions moddb profile:http://www.moddb.com/members/taxikiller
  2. Hi all, I have a small question, for Tiberian Sun Redux I want to remake the original functionality of the building in Tiberium Wars. If you don' t recall what the building was/did. The Waste Facility is basically the same as the Tiberium Refinery where a harvester collects and bring it to the refinery, but instead of a harvester and tiberium, the Waste Facility, use a Weed Eater, which will then collect veins from the vein hole monster to create a chemical missile, and this is what I want to re-create, but before I spend hours of useless time which I could spend on something else for the mod, I want to ask some other CnC 3 modders if this is possible. What I was thinking is, if it is possible to connect the Timer/Counter/cool down to the tiberium storage level, and when it reach 100 % capacity that it the missile is loaded. theoretically it should work. use the original Tiberium Refinery code Modify the code of the TR so it spawns a Weed Eater instead, that would search for veins instead of Tiberium When the capacity is reach, missile is ready to fire. but is this even do able in Tiberium Wars. Again I just want to make sure, because if I spend like a month on it and it isn't even able to do, I could better just spend that 1 month on the assets for the mod instead.