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  1. apcFTW

    Sole Survivor anyone?

    I was thinking this was the FPS game they made back in the day, but this looks kinda cool
  2. apcFTW

    C&C reboot?

    C&C still needs to go back to the RA2 days of fast/furious gameplay like we have in SC
  3. apcFTW

    Livestreams by Hecthor Doomhammer

    The more C&C streams we can stand up the better - this series needs to come back and reclaim the RTS title from SC
  4. Wow very interesting - while I would kill for KOTOR 3 or Jade Empire, I'm always pumped for a new BioWare title
  5. apcFTW

    Half-Life 3 is in development

    Which comes first: Half-Life 3 or KOTOR 3?
  6. apcFTW

    Post Your C&C Collections

    This thread is hitting me right in the nostalgic feels
  7. Didn't Albert travel through time in RA2 or 3?
  8. apcFTW

    Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

    I cannot cannot wait for this movie
  9. apcFTW

    Half-Life 3 is in development

    Marty McFly will show up at my doorstep in a Delorean before HL3 is a reality lol
  10. apcFTW

    C&C reboot?

    The next C&C absolutely needs to mimic the original and best C&C titles - it has to be fast & furious like RA2.