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  1. Nope it's up my man, username: cncfiles no password ftp://cncfiles.club
  2. PM me the Discord so we can discuss.
  3. Yeah sure. Just send me the invite.
  4. Anyone have the expansion files from 12/26/2016? That archive won't download.
  5. Thanks for this, but when I build the MOD, and I load up the game all the UI elements are missing...
  6. The RA studio program, I got Bibber's extra files from MOddb found them somehow, it doesn't read ANYTHING from the directory structure outlined in the HUGE faq here: Made by you, THANKS by the way! What could I be doing wrong, it's trying to pull files from the main ART folder and MOD SDK files, not the files I actually are using to MOD.
  7. I hope he didn't.... yeah that's what I am asking for his extra files, and the art files. I have a file server the size of a server rack, I could host if really needed for the future in case. (I basically have an entire Pro network in my home.) I am a Network Admin if you didn't guess.
  8. Anyone have a link to the latest build of this? Bibber's site has been down for 4 days now.
  9. MOD.str not working

    That worked. Thanks! I just dragged the .str into the already built mod and checked only "create big file" and it incorporated allt he info, such as the STR. Appreciate the idea. But I am of course having more issues, i'll post another topic. It doesn't seem the RA studio is reading ANYTHING from the directory structure I make it.
  10. MOD.str not working

    Aye I did that. Still not picking up the file.
  11. MOD.str not working

    You mean name it CNC.str?
  12. Where do I put this file, I have searched Google a dozen different ways, and can't find whre to put this file. As all my names of my units are missing, or the ones I created. Can someone assist me with this please? I am using Bibbers RA studio mod builder.
  13. Is there no way to extract the XML file itself from the manifest? Or the entire MOD itself. I tried contacting the MOD author every which way possible. Is there no way?