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  1. UnholyLiberator

    Where's this located for Generals?

    As usual I put wrong code in the wrong file, I'm such a fool. I had that fixed, it's the exact one: InGamePopupMessage.wnd if anyone wants to know.
  2. Howdy y'all. I am having hard times getting the hang out of how missions are structured to work within the game environment, having a rather slow on and off schedule to practice things, I wonder where is this caption window that shows up during Tutorial, guiding you through the game. Like I wanna know how that part works, in another word I can't seem to find which WIndow file the game uses to display that little box. Now I've sift through what I could, most of the .wnd assets if not all, getting to think it's somewhere else. I know that part in modding already I'd be dumb enough to miss something. FYI, one WND is that I instantly thought of it may be the culprit, being InGamePopupMessage.wnd. And if changed, it just does not do anything besides skewing the OK button, the rest of the window remains unchanged even if you modify anything else. Like I said, I had checked a total of 78 wnd's, talking Generals and I am out of damn ideas.
  3. UnholyLiberator

    Revisiting EA in a Nutshell video

    Mhehehemeheheh. Right on spot!
  4. If only build on SAGE 3 instead that Frostbite junk, who cares anymore right? Creative freedom has long gone from anything that has the EA logo on it. No surprise if publishers start to ban this things. Thanks anyway, good to have a backup somewhere.
  5. Though still with something of this caliber done right, games can become limitless foundation for mods. I always felt pathfinding be gross. Tidal Wars I look forward to being an example of real innovation, unfortunately hindered by weird limits.
  6. https://github.com/TheAssemblyArmada/Thyme OmniBlade is currently developing his own SAGE engine custom framework, much like chipgw (?). Pity development goes super slow, its 2/3 guys doing all the handy work. Duh wish I have had learned C++ to help out. Anyhoo what happened with chipgw's same project?
  7. UnholyLiberator

    Vote: Enabling Generals/ZH full subtitle support

    Why so pessimistic Plokite? I had a close look on that already, for the record it doesn't seem rewriting the SAGE engine from scratch. Plus, if we got the opportunity why not. C&C Generals/Zero Hour usually allows for far harder things to be done, the engine itself is pretty versatile to modding. Ah the poll? You know... is for collecting different thoughts, it does not certainly mean nothing. Bottom line, this is meant to be a discussion.
  8. Let's talk for Generals series immersion. These past weekend' days a thought emerged in my mind. As usual. While I was finishing Generals standard GLA mission 8 into China. I said myself what if the chances are high we can gather group of passionate guys behind the series and develop a completely overhauled subtitle system for the game, we then can incorporate with mods like Generals Extended (http://www.moddb.com/mods/generals-enhanced), et cetera, for the ultimate campaign experience. Simplistic mods that do a lot on ''cleaning'' the aesthetics and gameplay feature tech, so as to not touch anything else on the original game.
  9. UnholyLiberator

    OpenRA Stable Version 20171014 Released

    Woot woot crazy guys 'n' stuff they do
  10. Should someone remember what font C&C Generals/ZH logo is based on, please name it. I had it somewhere both with mine box covers scans, unable to find it atm. Neither websites that I use to identify fonts from still images catches any results.
  11. From my personal experience looking on the web (I read audio books alot). Such a thing doesn't exist for now.
  12. UnholyLiberator

    Texture element INI, where?

    Status: solved. Had a lot code messed up. Sorry
  13. \m/ one of monster track af
  14. Adjusting/fixing an old broken Gen menu which I had half-assed some years ago and l fail remember where settings for this highlighted part are stored, I mean buttons background frame? It's not in MainMenu.wnd, not in INI\MappedImages if I'm correct?
  15. UnholyLiberator

    Does anyone believe in Santa Claus?

    Exactly, is this The Big Bang Theory screening plot twist?