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    Been a few years

    Greetings All, So whats new? Its been many years since I've been here or looked at the community. I'm a different person these days compared to when I left some 6 odd years ago. Trying to find my way around again. Who is still here?
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    Important News About Zee Hypnotist

    So I'm very late to this topic. Been away from the community for many years now. But extremely saddened by this news of Zee's passing. Gone way to young.
  3. The Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars Mod SDK is available for download now from the link below. http://files.ea.com/downloads/eagames/cc/tiberium/ModSDK/CnC3ModSDK_v5.exe
  4. We have something special sent to us from an anonymous source. This is a confidential and top secret Tiberian Sun, second Tiberium War era dossier. It describes the operations of a double agent surrounding the events that took place during the second Tiberium War. Confidential Top Secret Tiberian Sun Dossier (5.87 MB | PDF) Where this document comes from is not important. How we have it, we will not say. How official is it? Well you decide. Read it, share it and give us your feedback about it.
  5. We're not jumping to conclusions here, but perhaps this is a clue that a new Command & Conquer game or project in the early stages of development within EA. A recent job listing post has added some fuel to the fire of speculation. EA Mobile is currently looking innovate on one of their most beloved IPs, and in the process they are looking for an exceptionally skilled and enthusiastic Combat Designer. And a little insider news tip, this new position will be working directly with Jim Vessella, who was part of the previous Command & Conquer development team back in the EALA days. So its all just speculation and guess work right now, but you never know. You can read the full job listing post right here. Thanks to Cypher for the news.
  6. This Renegade WOL to XWIS Transition FAQ is a repost from the RenegadeWiki site: http://www.renegadewiki.com/index.php?titl..._Transition_FAQ
  7. Another official game FAQ for Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances from http://forum.alliances.commandandconquer.com/showthread.php?tid=3163 Resources and Buildings Q: How do I get resources? A: You can get resources by building structures that generate resources, by doing battle, by completing missions, or by using supply packages. To get tiberium, build a harvester on a tiberium field (green). To get crystals, build a harvester on a crystal field (blue). To get power, build a power plant. To get credits, build a refinery. There is no building to generate research points. Q: Which resources are available through combat? A: You can obtain tiberium, crystals, credits and research points through combat. Power cannot be obtained through combat directly. (You could get a supply package containing power through combat, see below). The amount of resources you get through combat are scaled with the base level, destroying more difficult outposts, camps and bases awards more resources. Q: Which resources are available using supply packages? A: There are supply packages for tiberium, for crystal, for power and for credits. You can activate any package using the specified number of supply points (which regenerate over time). The resources are added to your currently selected base (except credits, which are shared across bases, see below). You can also click the "+" button adjacent to a resource as a shortcut to activate a supply package in your current base. Research points are not available through supply packages. Q: How do I get Research points? A: Research Points are gained through attacking Forgotten Camps/Outposts and Bases. The higher the enemy´s level, the higher the gain. Q: Are resources shared between bases? A: Tiberium and crystal are not shared between bases, but can be transferred between bases (at the cost of credits). Power is not shared between bases, and cannot be transferred. Credits and research are shared between bases, and can be used anywhere. Q: How do I get supply packages? A: Some Forgotten camps, outposts or bases contain a supply crate. You will receive the supply package by destroying the building marked with the supply crate icon in the base. The type of package you receive is random. Additionally, you can receive supply crates through missions, or by visiting the shop. To see the packages currently in your possession, use the "Inventory" button on the top menu bar. Q: How can I use resources? A: You can use tiberium to build structures in your base, as well as some defensive structures. You can use crystal to build units (both offensive and defensive). Power is required level up buildings and units. Credits can be used to transfer resources between bases, as well as unlock units and structures in conjunction with research points. Q: What is a production bonus? A: Some structures in your base can generate periodic batches of extra resources if they are placed adjacent to other buildings; these are called a production bonus. Q: How do I get a production bonus? A: To get a production bonus on a harvester, build an adjacent silo. To get a production bonus on a power plant, build an adjacent accumulator. To get a production bonus on a refinery, build an adjacent power plant. Q: When do I get a production bonus? A: If you have a building that qualifies for a production bonus (see above), that building will periodically generate a bonus package. The bonus amount depends on the level of the production building. The length of the period depends on the number and level of the adjacent support buildings. When a bonus package is available, you can see its yellow icon in your base. Simply clicking on the package collects the resources, which will be immediately added to your balance. Q: What if I don't pick up bonus package A: Every production building can generate up to two bonus packages. When two packages are ready, the building will stop producing bonus packages until you collect them. Q: What is a production speed boost? A: A production speed boost allows some production buildings to generate resources faster. This is separate from the bonus production system. Q: How do I get a production speed boost? A: You get a 25% speed boost for every crystal field adjacent to a power plant. You get a 25% speed boost for every tiberium field adjacent to a refinery. The maximum speed boost is 100% (thus, 4 fields). The field does not need to have a harvester on it to receive the production speed boost (but that is still allowed) Account Q: I’ve forgotten my password, how do I change it A: All the EA sites use the same login details, if you try using different details on different EA sites then conflicts can occur, the best way to change the password is to go to the central EA site at http://profile.ea.com and change it there. There should be a forgotten password link on the page if you have forgotten your old password that will allow you to specify your email address to be able to set up a new one. You should then be able to login to any EA site with the email and password you have set up there. Occasionally it may not update for all the individual sites immediately in which case you should change the password on the individual site to match the one that you have set up at http://profile.ea.com Billing Q: How to purchase Funds A: You may purchase EA Play4Free funds to increase game progress through the Play4Fee Fund Store. The Store is accessible through the Play4Free Navigation bar on top of the Official Tiberium Alliances Homepage, or by clicking the “Add Funds” button located in the left Sidebar to get forwarded to the EA Play4Free Fund Shop. Miscellaneous Q: How to report a Bug in Tiberium Alliances A: All bug reports should be reported through the Official Tiberium Alliance Bug Report Forums. Before reporting a bug, please take a few moments to search through the forums to see if your issue has already been reported. The bug report-forums can be found here: Q: How to report another Player for bad language A: You’re able to report other Players in the game for bad behavior and bad language by opening the User Profile of the specific User select the General Tab and click the “Report player” button. A new Window is showing up with several report options and a customizable text window for more detailed information about the threat. Q: Which Browsers are supported? A: Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliances officially supports: Firefox 4.0+, Internet Explorer 9+ and Google Chrome. Other browsers may work as well, but for a best as possible game experience we recommend to use one of the supported browsers listed above. Q: I am facing low frames and connection issues while playing Tiberium Alliances. A: When facing performance issues while using one of the supported browsers, make sure your graphic card drivers are up to date. You will find further animation and effect settings in the game options to adjust video settings and performance. Q: How to activate WebGL? Open the Game options located in the lower right corner of your browser while in the game. Scroll down on the first Tab “Audio/Video and mark the checkbox at: Use WebGL. Please note, WebGL hardware acceleration is still in an experimental mode and not fully supported by every browser. Q: Which Browser does Support Tiberium Alliances support? A: The game is fully supported by Firefox 4+ and Internet Explorer 9+. Google Chrome is not fully supported yet but it is being worked on. Q: How to redeem a Fund Coupon A: Click on "Add Funds" in the In-game Menu and select the "Fund Coupon" Option. You will be prompted to type in the Code you got on the Coupon Q: How to contact Customer Support ? A: C&C TA does not have its own Support yet. You can contact the Lord of Ultima Support instead which is able to help you with Billing Issues. http://www.lordofultima.com/en/help/inquire Q: Can i play on beta servers after beta? A: The beta servers won´t be wiped after the beta, so it is possible to play on them. Q: Friendship request´s don't work? A: This feature is currently in development and will be implemented soon Q: Will a chat be integrated? A: The Dev-Team is currently working on a chat-feature but there is currently no ETA. Q: How do I get more Command Points? A: There are three ways to get command points : Waiting you get 10 points per hour You can find crates with 12cp. You can pay with funds: 249 funds + 10 Supply Points = 12 Command Points Q: How I do plunder resources? A: After defeating an opponent, you will gain all resources stored in the enemy´s base, be it in PvE or PvP. Q: How can I reach the 2.000.000 RP for the MCV? It is too high! A: The RP´s you earn increase exponentially with a higher level camp/ outpost. Example : From a lvl 8 outpost u get more research points like a lvl 5 outpost. You can after 10 days a second base. Q: Where can I find a forgotten base? A: One of the mission calls "Beat a forgotten base". There are three different types: Camps Outposts Bases Forgotten bases are well defended and hard to destroy. You can find them in the middle of the map. Q: Where is the log out button? A: At the moment, you only need to close your browser/tab to exit the game. Q: Is there a holiday period in the game? A: No. But other players can attack your base just once till your next log-in. Q: What happens when I have been attacked? Is everything lost ? A: You lose tiberium, crystals and energy. Credits, crates and Research Points are saved. After your base is destroyed, you have to relocate it and repair the buildings to start resource production again. Q: Can I play Tiberian alliances on smartphones? A: A mobile version is under development but currently there is no ETA. Q: Can I send my resources to other players? A: This is not intended. Q: Can I join more than one alliance? A: It is not possible to join more than one alliance.
  8. Time for new Desktop/Avatar/Sig thread I think. The other one was starting to stink. I'll start things off for November, reverted back to my old desktop after getting annoyed with that WindowBlinds theme. The pic below will also give you some hints at what I'm currently working on regarding the site as well 8)
  9. As of this post I'm temporarily stepping down as the lead admin and webmaster of CNCNZ.com. This will be for an undetermined amount of time. There are things in real life that I have sort out and that means I can't devote any time to the site. After spending a lot of time rebuilding the forums and main site in recent months, the tank is empty. Motivation to continue is low. So I'm stepping away for awhile. CNCNZ.com will continue, it will not close down. I'm officially handing the reigns over @Nmenth and @Plokite_Wolf. So they will be in charge from today. I will still be checking in on the site and forums but I doubt I'll post or do anything. So this is not goodbye, just goodbye for now.
  10. Greetings all.... I decided to log in here after 2 years away and see whats happening. I see nothing has really changed. I have changed though. I'm moving on in my life. I'm now engaged to a great girl. Saving to buy a house and enjoy life. Some travelling coming up to. I still enjoy gaming but nothing C&C takes my interest anymore. Anyway. Just a quick post to say hi. I might pop up every now and then.
  11. Gren has uploaded his latest Red Alert 3 map. Its a near perfect remake of Riverside Rumble for Tiberium Wars. Here's the details. Riverside Rumble Redux Red Alert 3 Skirmish map created from the original C&C 3 Tiberium Wars map. The map has been made into a 4 player version with lots of assets and mining opportunities. Naval construction is disabled so its an all-out Air & Land conflict. The map is most enjoyable as a 2v2 with players to the North of the river teaming up against the players to the South. Riverside Rumble Redux (580 KB) And if you need more maps for Red Alert 3 and even Uprising check out these downloads. Uprising Maps for Red Alert 3 Map Pack This is a map pack that contains four maps from Red Alert 3: Uprising that can be used with Red Alert 3. Twisted Terrace, Killington Cove, Honor Bound, Trench Warfare. Red Alert 3 Maps for Uprising Map Pack This map pack contains all the maps from Red Alert 3 that are not available in Red Alert 3: Uprising.
  12. The Command & Conquer 4 Worldbuilder is available for download now from either of the links below. http://www.gamershell.com/download_57704.shtml http://www.mediafire.com/download/1aza7zdqtgjzj26/CnC4WorldBuilder.rar
  13. Credit to Wildcrash from the Official C&C 3 Forums for posting a guide to getting minimaps working correctly with C&C 3 and the C&C 3 Worldbuilder.
  14. NOTE: This topic has been recovered from the now closed official C&C Forums and reposted here on CNCNZ.com This patch is a MUST-HAVE for any C&C: The First Decade Owner! You can get it here @nathancnc, with the help of other community members, has created an EPIC Patch 1.03 for The First Decade. This patch fixes many different bugs and adds a number of fixes to the game. Online play has been added to all of the classic titles such as Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert! You also no longer need the disc in the drive to play any of the games! This patch includes EA’s official Patch 1.01 and Patch 1.02. If you already have these installed, the patch will recognize it, and only add the necessary Patch 1.03 changes. This patch is unofficial, we cannot help with any specific Patch 1.03 issues, you are download this at your own risk. However, the patch has been used by hundreds of C&C community members, each reporting no errors with any Patch 1.03 specific changes. Thus, we felt the need to promote this at CommandandConquer.com! Stand-out fixes include updating Red Alert to version 3.03, cleaned up video files to free up nearly a gig of hard drive space, and the integration of extra official Westwood maps from downloadable map packs. Online/LAN has also been fixed for Tiberian Dawn, Red Alert, Tiberian Sun, Red Alert 2, and Yuri’s Revenge. Manuals for all the games have been added with the patch, as well as registry entry fixes. This is just the beginning of all the additions the patch brings to the table! To check out the full change list and download the patch, check out NathanCNC’s Unofficial Patch 1.03 website! You can also donate to him to help his efforts with the patch. His website contains full details on how to install the patch as well: http://www.cncnz.com/hosted-projects/command-patch/ This patch is a MUST-HAVE for any C&C: The First Decade Owner! http://www.cncnz.com/hosted-projects/command-patch/
  15. Its taken longer than it should have, but the main site is now updated to match the new look colours introduced during the forum upgrade at the end of March. The next job is to get the news posts displaying again. Plus fix some minor colour errors around the site.
  16. I had a topic like this that I started at the time of our last major from transition. As I've mentioned, I'm still tidying up and fixing colours around the forum theme. So I will keep a running list here of changes I make (from today). It's mostly for me so I don't loose track of what I'm working on. Also look out for another topic that I will be posting soon to highlight some of the cool new features we have on this version of IPS. There is all sorts of quirky little things that you may not have discovered yet Items Fixed/Changed/Added Fixed many of the blue link styles, removed underline formatting. Changed the emoticon icon in the chatbox, it's no longer the big ugly yellow icon. Unread content should now display as bold text. Made the small pagination in forum view (1 2 3 4 5 etc....) easier to read. They will highlight when you hover over the row. Fixed reputation point counter box. You should see a bit more separation in forum and topic view. Basically darkened the line the provides the separation. Fixed the C&C Profile Icons. You will have edit your profile and reselect your favorite game though. Added dark border to quoted text boxes. Change the tag colours to a lighter grey. Restored bottom banner ad. Moved "Leaderboard" and "Chatbox" menu links to "Browse" submenu. One small change to the how the Post Editor works when you press the ENTER key. It will now start a new paragraph as the default action. If you want to the cursor to move to the next line (as in not start a new paragraph) simple press SHIFT + ENTER. Fixed the Post Editor colours. Especially for the tag entry field. Text is now readable when you enter the name of a C&C game. All C&C games have been stored in the tag system. So just start typing a name of a C&C game and the correct one will pop up in drop down menu. Fixed colours for the small reputation counters on each post. Removed the white backgrounds from avatar images that have transparency. Fixed a bug that prevent user hovercards from displaying on certain text links. Made some layout changes to the main index. Member Stats, Forum Stats, Who's Online are now on the right sidebar. Added the Popular Contributors section to the right sidebar. New look rank system set up. More details here. Changed the colour of text in some areas from white to a shade of grey. Mostly on the main forum index and the text inside the Post Editor. To Do List New look for CNCNZ.com team badges. Current Bugs If you share a link to another topic or post in your current post a preview box will display, The box is mostly unreadable though. Until this can be fixed please click the "Your link has been automatically embedded. Display as a link instead" prompt that appears at the bottom of the Post Editor box.
  17. NOTE: This topic has been recovered from the now closed official C&C Forums and reposted here on CNCNZ.com @Bibber has worked on some new launchers for all the games of The Ultimate Collection which fix some registry entries and let command-line parameters (e.g. -ui -win) pass through. Command-line parameters -game gen|genep1|cnc3|cnc3ep1|ra2|ra2ep1|ra3|ra3ep1 Launches the game directly instead of popping up the window for choosing. cnc3 = C&C 3 Tiberium Wars cnc3ep1 = C&C 3 Kane's Wrath gen = C&C Generals genep1 = C&C Generals Zero Hour ra2 = C&C Red Alert 2 ra2ep1 = C&C Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge ra3 = C&C Red Alert 3 ra3ep1 = C&C Red Alert 3 Uprising Download Primary Mirror: http://bibber.eu/downloads/cnc-ultimate-collection-launchers/ Alternate: http://files.cncnz.com/cnc-ultimate-collection-launchers.zip Notes If you don't know how to use parameters, please follow this link: http://www.ehow.com/....-shortcut.html The launchers are compatible with all locale versions of The Ultimate Collection. Please keep questions on how or where to install mods away from this thread as it is not the topic here!
  18. Just a quick poll. Do you want your avatar displaying when posting in the chatbox? Share your feedback if you have any comments to make. There will be other quick polls like this as other changes are made to the forums and main site.
  19. Our forums have seen a lot of changes over the past month. Another of the long overdue changes is an improved ranking system. We have just set up this one. It still continuing with a military theme, but this time we have new look rank icons for each one. [Icon | Number | Rank Title | (Post Count)] 0 Recruit (0) 1 Private (25) 2 Private First Class (50) 3 Lance Corporal (75) 4 Specialist (100) 5 Corporal (130) 6 Staff Sergeant (160) 7 Sergeant First Class (190) 8 Master Sergeant (220) 9 First Sergeant (250) 10 Sergeant Major (300) 11 Command Sergeant Major (350) 12 Warrant Officer (400) 13 Chief Warrant Officer W-2 (450) 14 Chief Warrant Officer W-3 (500) [At 500 content items posted you will be able to set up your own custom member title] 15 Chief Warrant Officer W-4 (580) 16 Chief Warrant Officer W-5 (660) 17 Officer Candidate (740) 18 Second Lieutenant (820) 19 First Lieutenant (900) 20 Captain (1020) 21 Major (1140) 22 Lieutenant Colonel (1260) 23 Colonel (1380) [At 1500 content items posted you will be promoted to the Veteran Members Group] 24 Brigadier General (1500) 25 Major General (1700) 26 Lieutenant General (1900) 27 General (2100) 28 General of the Army (2300) 29 Commander-In-Chief (2500) Share your thoughts, comments and general feedback about our new ranking system here.
  20. This thread takes over from the old What's in your Rig? that has been pinned at the top of the Hardware Discussion & Tech Support forum since about Feburary 2007. I thought it was time for new one, because in the past 5-6 years everyone must have either a new system or made some key upgrades. I'll kick things of. My current system specs... CASE: Cooler Master Centurion 590 CPU: Intel E8400 Core 2 Duo @ 3.0 GHz Cooling: Front/Rear 120mm fans, 140mm side fan, Stock Intel HSF. Motherboard: ASUS P5QL-E RAM: 4 GB GSkill DDR2800 Dual Channel Video Card: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 650 Ti SDD: Adata Premier Pro SP900 256GB HDD: Western Digital 640 GB SATA2 ODD: LG DVD/RW with Lightscribe PSU: 500w Silverstone Display: ViewSonic VA2448/m 24" LED LCD (1920 x 1080 Widescreen) Keyboard/Mouse: Standard Dell Keyboard/Turtle Beach Grip 300 Gaming Mouse Speakers: Altec Lansing 2.1 OS: Windows 10 Home 64bit
  21. NOTE: This was originally posted on the XWIS forums in September 2015 http://xwis.net/forums/index.php/topic/182360-cc-red-alert-2-windows-8-windows-10-fix/ and http://xwis.net/forums/index.php/topic/182482-cc-yuris-revenge-windows-8-windows-10-fix/ The following should fix the functionality of Red Alert 2 on Windows 8 and Windows 10. Please follow the instructions in this thread. Note that this fix should work with the Origin version of Red Alert 2 as well. Although the ALT+TAB functionality does not work. Red Alert 2 Download the files needed to apply the fix from this link http://cncftw.com/Data/2_Patches/Red_Alert_2-Windows_8_and_10_Fix.zip Install the compatibility database by opening it's folder and double clicking the file called "Double Click Me". Copy the game files from their folder (that is named "game files") into the folder that you installed your game in. Apply the compatibility settings to all of the .exe game files as shown in the image "compatibility settings". Try to run the game (ra2.exe). Yuri's Revenge The following should fix the functionality of Yuri's Revenge on Windows 8 and Windows 10. Please follow the instructions in this thread. Note that this fix should work with the Origin version of Yuri's Revenge as well. Although the ALT+TAB functionality does not work. Download the files needed to apply the fix from this link http://cncftw.com/Data/2_Patches/Yuri%27s_Revenge_Windows_8_and_10_Fix.zip Install the compatibility database by opening it's folder and double clicking the file called "Double Click Me". Copy the game files from their folder (that is named "game files") into the folder that you installed your game in. Apply the compatibility settings to all of the .exe game files as shown in the image "compatibility settings". Try to run the game (ra2md.exe).
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    Against Rushes

    Anyone wanting to comment on The Hypnotist's article, Against Rushes - http://www.cncnz.com/features/articles/2005/2510/ - should post their comments here.
  23. Now here's something different, its a Command & Conquer Board Game. Created by Mathias Detzner, this fan made board game takes the battles from your computer screen to the table. The game itself will not be made available for retail sale. What we don't know is, will the game be made available to others in some form? Watch this video below to learn more. Command & Conquer Board Game is on Facebook, where you will also find a few more pictures of the how the game is set up.
  24. We recommend that all users on our forums use the free image hosting site called Imgur - http://imgur.com. Imgur is faster than likes of ImageShack, gives you better options for managing the images you upload. Plus it generates shorter URLs for each image. So add http://imgur.com to your we browser bookmarks/favourites. It's CNCNZ.com's image upload site of choice! Note: You may want to check the Imgur Tools at http://imgur.com/tools/, there is a Firefox addon there that can make uploading your images even faster.
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    Easter Plans

    So who has big plans for the Easter break? I guess it means different things to different people. Chocolate eggs and hot cross buns for everyone