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  1. Global Defense Initiative

    Mods and RA2/YR (UC)

    I disabled Origin In-Game for the game itself and in Origin's settings but the same issue happens. As before I used the fixed launchers. When I apply the C&C Reloaded mod and try to run it the "syringe" application runs but nothing happens. If I launch "gamemd" the mouse cursor loads but nothing happens, and the program is running if I check Task Manager. If I try any other .exe that launches the game I get the Origin error. Sigh. I ****ing hate Origin.
  2. Global Defense Initiative

    Mods and RA2/YR (UC)

    Hey, I want to use mods with RA2 and YR but I can't figure out how to make them work. I install the fixed launchers, I apply the faster graphics patch, then I install C&C Reloaded but when I try to launch the game it doesn't work. I then try to use one of the game's launchers but I get a generic "can't launch" error and the game disappears from my Origin library, most likely because of the mod. Does anyone know how to get mods to work, C&C Reloaded in particular?
  3. Global Defense Initiative

    C&C reboot?

    I... want to agree with this, if it were to ever happen. While I wasn't the biggest fan of how ridiculous the theme of Red Alert went or how silly the writing was, I really did enjoy the game-play. Some of my best online Command and Conquer memories, not including Renegade and its mods, are from playing Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge online. I still play it to this day, but only the skirmish mode. Regarding "rebooting" the series, I wouldn't mind this as long as they don't use the Tiberium or Red Alert universes. Electronic Arts already killed them for me, I don't want to be revived and killed again. I suppose they should either create a new universe or continue the Generals one, and they better use a game engine that the community can use to create awesome mods. Sadly Frostbite is very "anti-mod" but EA has been using this for most games they develop and/or publish these days.
  4. Global Defense Initiative

    Tiberian Sun: Rising Lives!

    Fantastic! I can't wait to play this.
  5. Global Defense Initiative

    Logan (Wolverine 3) 2017

    I'm very excited for this movie.
  6. Global Defense Initiative

    W3D Hub Launched

    I will remain neutral here, I love APB, TSR, and AR. I do wish my account remained the same and I did not have to create a new one, but that's no biggy. -Nod Guy
  7. Global Defense Initiative

    CnC Renegade Skins

    ok...i am not a small child....and i know all the skins Hawtwire so dont think i havent seen them.....so if anyone knows any sites please post em
  8. Global Defense Initiative

    CnC Renegade Skins

    ok....i found some kool skins
  9. Global Defense Initiative

    CnC Renegade Online Help

    thnx....i got it to work oh and thnx for helping
  10. Global Defense Initiative

    Tiberian Twilight

    i miss the good old days with GDI and NOD.....i agree with Nyerguds, Phuq Red Alert 3 and Generals 2...
  11. Global Defense Initiative

    CnC Renegade Online Help

    oh ok when i install the patch then go to join a server it says version mismatch....then i go to check my version in GSA and it says i have version 1.30...but i just installed 1037...what do i do??
  12. Global Defense Initiative

    CnC Renegade Online Help

    ok i got it but how the hell dous it work?
  13. Global Defense Initiative

    CnC Renegade Online Help

    when i try to play renegade online it says Joining Game then it just doesent do anything...i cant get servers on WOL and when i try to set up a LAN game it finishes loading then quits....can anybody please help me???
  14. Global Defense Initiative

    The 1st Decade Pack compatibility

    im wondering what the winners for the video comp in the bonas CD are gonna send in lol