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  1. great article. enjoyed reading it. can't wait for more. It's always a nice to read some C&C related articles like this one from the pc gamer.
  2. Rock Paper Shotgun did similar thing over more than month ago, only for Tiberian Sun: Have You Played Tiberian Sun?
  3. USSR = Union of Soviet Socialist Republics aka Soviet Union (Soviets) Former Soviet Union states were (Real World, not RA universe where we have Cuba, Iraq, Lybia, countries of Warsaw Pact - former East Bloc, etc, all represented as USSR): Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
  4. by your logic, storyline in every RA game would be any faction vs Russia, because the rest of the Soviet countries were almost completely irrelevant to the plot.
  5. I agree. Allies vs Soviets maybe. It would be interesting to see all that countries, but balancing issues could be a huge problem. most of the middle east countries belongs to Asia, only Egypt belongs to Africa.
  6. If Victory going to add another faction (or subfaction) to Generals (2), it's probably going to be USA. Russian (Soviet) faction is reserved for RA universe.
  7. it seems they (Victory Games artists) hardly studied anything from "real world" and term "common sense" is almost unknown for them. Unfortunately this ridiculous (cartoony?) and illogical design choices follows every C&C since TW release (predator tank, scorpion tank - barrel's asymmetric position, tank with exposed aircraft-like cockpit, exposed threads, etc). Everything culminated with C&C4. That game is epitome of cartoony unit design. Now we could be considered lucky because Victory ditched (for the most part) EALA's unit design philosophy, even some traces are still present (exposed threads again and some other design choices).
  8. mirza044

    Official C&C Website Redesigned

    so it seems that updating official forum and website gonna take a little bit longer than originally anticipated?
  9. mirza044

    Tiberian Sun: Reborn Released

    This. It's really a great mod. It captures that dark and gloomy atmosphere of TS on the best possible way.
  10. Yes, we are "mean", and he is a very nice guy who just happens to write very aggressive and offensive forum posts and comments toward anybody who don't share the same opinions as him.
  11. I understand what you want to say but there is a "slight" problem: they are not going to do different gameplay mechanics for MP, skirmish and SP. Everything what they do with MP is simply going to reflect on skirmish and SP.