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  1. It was a response to a comment she made on Greg's Facebook status update about going back to EA.
  2. Well, whatever it is... It's still slightly exciting news!
  3. TeamWolf

    Forged Battalion

    As much as this game does appeal to me on some levels, it looks like a more fleshed out version of 8-Bit Armies. It's unit movements and weapons remind me more of 8-Bit than a C&C game. As much as we are all looking for the next C&C like game and some look to Petro more than anything for that, they keep on failing to reach the mark, and sometimes not by that much. With that said however, I am still looking forward to try this out and see what it has to offer.
  4. Hello and welcome to Battle for Dune: War of Assassins blog 116! We have been fairly busy with the holidays and working on our latest internal build.. And some of what's down below! Walls I have modelled up the walls, currently untextured. Walls are the best defence against outside enemies, protecting your base and keeping people out! Each house will have the same designed walls, made out of Plassteel and a Plascrete foundation. (click the images to make them larger) Atreides Advanced Rifle Venom775 has finished modelling and texturing the Atreides Light Infantry rifle. This is a much more advanced version than the Engineer's model, it deals more damage, has a longer range and is slightly more accurate! All Atreides Light Infantry will be equipped with this rifle. Tleilaxu Leech and Larvae Methelina has been busy modelling and texturing the Tleilaxu Leech and Larva! The Tleilaxu Leech is a biotank that attacks other vehicles by laying it's larva on and into the vehicle. Once the vehicle's health has been reduced to zero, it will then spawn into a new Leech! The Tleilaxu have engineered them this biotank to travel fast across most terrain, at a cost of very weak armour. The Larva is a small creature that will be layed onto of an enemy vehicle. Then it will start to work it's way inside it, slowly reducing the vehicle armour and health. The only way to prevent this happening is by shooting it off or repairing it via a repair vehicle. (click image above to see video) Neither of these units will be in our first release, due to being subhouse units. Atreides APC Venom775 has been busy modelling and texturing our new Atreides APC. After much talk, we decided to completely remake the the APC due to the older model just not looking like the fully detailed version in the Tlielaxu & Ix cutscene. So Venom has come up our with this! The Atreides APC is a medium armoured cloaked transport vehicle, which travels at a fairly fast speed. It can carry up to 5 troops at once, including the driver and is equipped with a heavy duty machine gun. Kralizec! That is it for this blog, be sure to keep following us on our site, over at IndieDB and on Facebook!
  5. Welcome to the Battle for Dune: War of Assassins blog 115, now that we've made it to the top 100 why not show off some more of what we've been up to! Cilivian Buildings BogdanV has been busy working on some new and very much improved Arrakis Civilian Buildings. These new buildings are based on the ingame designs from Emperor: Battle for Dune along with current day influences. Here is a screenshot from ingame. (Click the images to enlarge them) Ordos APC and Laser Tank Shields BogdanV has also been working on our Ordos APC and Laser Tank shields. House Ordos have invested in shield technology for their Armoured Personnel Carriers and Laser Tanks to ensure they last longer. Here is a demonstration video of how they work. As you can see, we've pretty much recreated how they looked in Emperor. Atreides Engineer Rifle Venom775 has been hard at work modelling and texturing a new rifle for the Atreides's Engineer. We've based it on the Famas due to the Westwood renders of the House Atreides Light Infantry. Check out the render! Shai Hulud, The Worm We've saved the best 'till last, our latest team member Methelina has modelled and textured the old man of the desert, Shai Hulud! The Sandworms of Arrakis are the source of the Spice Melange, Worms are also attracted by all rhythmic vibrations. Watch out for Sandworms on the sands of Arrakis, and make sure you always seek the safety of rock! Top 100! Thank you to everyone who has voted for Battle for Dune in the Indie Game of the Year to get us this far, but we need your help once again! We have reached the top 100, help us get even further by voting for us again! The Rise of the Second Moon That's it for this blog, be sure to keep watching us here, over at facebook and on IndieDB!
  6. Hello and welcome to this small Indie Game of the Year update. It is that time once again and we need your help on reaching the top 100! There are less than 6 days left to vote and counting. So click the logo button and vote on our IndieDB page! We'll also be releasing a full update in the next few days showing off some new content! But while you wait, here are a few ingame shots. That's it for this update, be sure to keep following us here, on our site, facebook and on IndieDB!
  7. Hey and welcome to another update from Tiberian Genesis! It has been awhile since our last update but we have some nice things to show off, that being models and other news! Transition from CE2 to CE3 We have been talking a lot about if we should make the jump or not... And the pros outweighed the cons so we are! Not only will we implement the newer (and sexier) engine from Crysis 2, but since CE3 is free to download... guess what that means? You're right... You won't need Crysis (nor Crysis 2) to enjoy our mod, but you'll be able to PLAY IT FOR FREE just by downloading the CE3 things necessary. Doesn't mean you shouldn't check Crysis 2! GDI Vulcan Cannon The model is pretty much finished, but it still needs to be textured (the materials you see are basic, improvised placeholders) and install her on the component tower. So, soon you'll probably be running away from this beast. GDI Assault Rifle We used the concept that was from the Tiberian Sun cutscenes, but altered some parts on the 2nd model as you can see. We need your opinion on which version of this weapon to use, seeing as we kinda made two... So, the question is simple - which front of the gun would you like to see in-game? The first one represents the concept and the second one was a mix made by Incognito to give it a heavier feel. Some of us like the first version, Incognito prefers the second one... so you tell us what you'd like to be shooting with in-game? Recruitment I personally want to bring out a fully working mod as soon as possible. Realistically speaking, I would say we'd need at least 2 years to finish it... on the condition that we're fully staffed. Currently we're understaffed, and if it stays that way, we'll need an eternity to finish everything. We need more people helping us out so we can increase the workflow and pump out models, maps and teasers every month ideally. That's why we need your help, fellow gamers. If you know someone who diggs the C&C Universe and hasn't heard of us, send him a link to our Moddb or our Forums... If you want, you can also register on our forums, because we'll probably start posting smaller updates over there and your comments are always appreciated ! Sweet Endings That's it for another Tiberian Genesis update, we hope you all enjoyed it! Be sure to keep following us here, on Moddb and Facebook.
  8. hello you lurking bastard ;o

  9. TeamWolf

    I want me a Renegade

    TS was the best C&C for me, it's take on the Tiberium war and how things progressed were amazing. The unit design was really well done as CJ said and I loved it's gameplay. I really hope that they just go with WW's storyline and try and make a game based on Renegade 2 and not just remake TD like they did kinda with Generals in a new light... All we can do is wait and hope.
  10. Hello and welcome to Tiberian Genesis' February Update. We have been a little silent over the past few months but that doesn't mean that we haven't been working! New Game Trailer We have been busy working on the mod, fixing up vehicles and infantry along with maps. We have also been busy working on our new trailer, so instead of telling you about it, here it is. As you can see, we have got a lot done so far along with our new logo that is included in the video! Recruitment We are looking for members who have a passion for the Tiberium universe to help us on the mod, here is the link. Update Over That's it for another Tiberian Genesis Update, make sure you keep following us on our forums and over on Moddb.com!
  11. Hello and welcome to this long overdue Battle for Dune: War of Assassins blog! It's been a long time since we last posted any form of update but that doesn't mean that we haven't been working. We have been spending a lot of time fixing up models, rigs and trying to get values just right. Atreides Sand Bike Looking over most of our old models we felt that some of them really are lacking, such as the Mongoose, Minotaurus and the Sand Bike. So LR01 has been looking at concepts and Westwood renders and is has pretty much finished off our new Sand Bike. It's looking a lot better, more detailed and the polycount is higher too because the older version really wasn't up to standards compared to our new Mino and Mongoose. Here's the new model. As you can see, it's pretty much there. Harkonnen Rocket Launcher Fz007 has been working on more weapons, this time he has been working on the Harkonnen Rocket Launcher. The Harkonnen Trooper's Launcher is more of a Bazooka, it can hold only one rocket in it's chamber at the time, had a medium firing range with medium firepower against vehciles and it's rockets track for Anti Air. The scope on the second render looks better, it's just light shining off. BFD_Shield_Wall Shield Wall is a map that Fluffy_Opossum made about a year or two ago called C&C_Arrakis. I've imported it into 3DS Max and started to rework a lot of the terrain and replace a lot of boolean tunnels which really do kill the map, most of the tunnel replacements are done and most of the main terrain changes are done. Here is what it looks like so far: So where are we? We have been very busy with mostly fixing all the broken stuff in the game such as balance issues, vehicle and infantry rigs and the odd map/model fix or clean up here and there. We recently also released Alpha 5.2 to our testers who have given us pretty much all the bugs that they could ever find in the current build. We haven't really been modelling much because there really isn't much left to model up, apart from the weapons. We do still have a few map props to model and a ton of stuff to texture but apart from that we just need to start focusing more on mapping so you guys have more to maps to play on! Sands do not shift over night... ... But they do shift! Moddb and IndieDB are holding their MOTY/IOTY, so be sure to check us out and vote for us on moddb and indiedb!
  12. TeamWolf

    C&C Tiberian Genesis November Update

    Thanks for the front page shout!
  13. Hello and welcome to this long awaited Tiberian Genesis update, we have been very busy working behind the scenes and we hope you agree with us, it has paid off. But first things first, allow me to introduce myself. I am TeamWolf, the new Tiberian Genesis Public Relations Manager and will be posting all news and updates from now on. Tiberium Crystals Slocik has been busy with modelling the Tiberium Crystals with a few variations in crystal formation, not to mention the blue and green types! Here are two types of crystals, also shown in the other screenshots is the Blue Tiberium Explosion System, once an explosion happened, it will affect one of the blue crystals in its range, resulting in a huge and deadly chain reaction! Here are the two textured types. Ingame Shots Seeing as we have been working a lot on the mod and haven't shown off much at all over the few year if not two.. Here are a few ingame shots of what we have done and where we currently are at so far, with features, tanks and much more! Staff Recruitment We are looking for experienced mature members to help us on the mod, here is the link to see what we are looking for: http://www.tiberian-genesis.net/?page_id=jobs End. That's it for this update, we hope you enjoyed it and looking forward to more to come! Be sure to give us a visit at http://www.moddb.com/mods/cc-tiberian-sun-genesishttp://www.tg-mod.net.
  14. TeamWolf

    C&C Reborn July/August Update

    July/August Update. Hey, welcome to the July/August update. The team has been busy what with mapping, build testing and pretty much make sure the game is ready for when scripts 4.0 hits! Amphibious Vehicles There has been some major work happening with scripts 4.0, one thing that we've now been able to do is to make the Hover MRLS and the AAPC truely amphibious. Tiberium Crystals Xenobond has been busy working on our new Tiberium crystals for Tiberium fields on our maps, we have the standard green and the higher value blue crystals! TS_GrandCanyon As you may know, Blackwolf has been working on a map called Grand Canyon. TS_Cliffs DarkAngel has been working on a new map called Cliffs, it is set ontop of a high mountain with lots of tunnels and open ground for vehicle combat. The map is designed to give infantry a good chance in the field against vehicle for much more diverse gameplay, so you don't get killed the moment you leave your base and lose about 500 or more credits. TS_Ardennes BlackWolf is remaking the A Path Beyond map, Fjord but giving it a completely new look. He has now started to convert it over for C&C Reborn and given it a new feel, away from it's oringal! TS_ForestFires A completely new map being worked on by BlackWolf, it's designed for large battles with it's many open areas. Don't worry though, there's plenty of cover around in case you want to ambush the enemy or when your health is running low. TS_Sahara Set in a huge desert with vast open areas, this map is a bit of a departure from the usual close-quarter style maps. It's a bit of an experiment to see how maps like these will play out. Props What's more? A bunch of props to fill up our maps! That's it for this update, be sure to keep following us here and over on Moddb!
  15. TeamWolf

    Battle for Dune

    Battle for Dune has made it into the top 100 Mods and Games in the Moddb MOTY 2008.. Keep on voting for us on Moddb