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    Donate to CNCNZ.com

    I have suggested the domain transfer a while ago for the same reason and nobody cared, paying $40 for a regular .com domain at this day and age is just not right.
  2. The 8th release of C&C3: Tiberian History mod is out and is now available to download. This release features new additions to the game including new units for both GDI and Nod factions as well as various music tracks and bug fixes. Players should make sure that C&C3 is updated to version 1.9 before installing this update to avoid problems. More information about this release as well as download links are available here.
  3. Indeed, every academic institution and government office that I've been to still uses Win 7.
  4. dbjs2009

    Trump v Clinton

    It's like choosing between the bad and the worse, if it really ends up being Hillary and Trump, sadly, I'll be forced to support Trump!
  5. Vortex League, the team behind the popular Vortex mod for C&C Generals: Zero Hour has just released the first ever alpha version in the vortex series also known as "The Dawn of Nod". This release adds four new factions to the game, Nod, GLA, USA and China, bringing along many new buildings, units and much more. While this is a great opportunity to try it out, it should be noted that the mod is still in its alpha stages, therefore you may experience some bugs and unbalanced functions here and there. These issues will however be addressed in future release(s) as they're found and reported by players. More details about this release as well as the download mirrors can be found here.
  6. dbjs2009

    Merry Christmas from CNCNZ.com

    Merry Christmas to you all!
  7. dbjs2009

    Help Support CNCNZ.com

    Some companies offer .com domains for $9-$10 a year which also includes privacy, I don't know how networksolutions still charge that much for a domain!
  8. dbjs2009

    Deus Ex 4 is now in development

    I used to wonder how "Deus Ex" was supposed to be pronounced myself.
  9. The Mental Omega developers have recently released the 11th news bulletin for the mod, featuring an all new co-op mission, three new maps as well as a new Tech Nuclear Plant building. This update also sheds the light on the recently released Ares version 0.9 which offers new customization options and improved game mechanics. More details and screen shots can be found on the official Mental Omega APYR website.
  10. 2015 is already here and the C&C Untitled team has decided to celebrate the new year with a new release of this huge project which is now available for everyone to download. This third C&C Untitled Beta will provide you with various new features, bug fixes and great gameplay experience. More details regarding this release as well as download links can be found here. Don't forget to give it a try!
  11. dbjs2009

    Merry Christmas from CNCNZ.com

    I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, hopefully next year will be a great year for everyone. And speaking about winter I haven't seen winter in 8 years now.
  12. dbjs2009

    They are not kids toys!

    There's a reason why some games are rated "M" while others "E" and so on.
  13. dbjs2009

    Xbox Live's Crappy Status

    Same here, it happens whenever I wanted to do something for the last two weeks or so (yeah because I had this issue for that long, I don't use it much though ). You can launch the application or games before connecting with your profile, once it starts you can select a profile and/or connect, however when you want to switch things you have to launch them from the "Recent" menu.
  14. The Rise of the Reds developers has once again posted a new update. This update reveals some of the new European units that will be featured in the upcoming release, such as the Venom Combat Armor, the Jump Jet infantry and more. The full update can be found here. Visit the official Rise of the reds website to find out more about the mod.
  15. A new beta version of the Tiberian Apocalypse mod for C&C3: Tiberium Wars has been released and is now available to download. This release features new updates as well as some bug fixes. More details as well as the download mirrors are available right here.
  16. dbjs2009

    Please re-do "EA in a Nutshell"

    I haven't seen this before, it's quite amusing.
  17. After a long wait, a date has been marked, the new Mental Omega 3.0 public beta is to be released on the 30th of November this year. As you all know, the Mental Omega mod is an unofficial expansion pack for Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge that has been enhanced with the Ares Expansion DLL, featuring a new gameplay experience with all new campaigns, units, buildings and much more. Here's the new public beta trailer: This Public Beta will feature: 9 new subfactions with their own unique sets of units 36 new singleplayer missions, including a campaign for Yuri 18 new cooperative maps for 2 players new skirmish/multiplayer maps new skirmish/multiplayer game modes updated visuals & audio new soundtrack (separate download) Visit the Mental Omega website for more details.
  18. I decided to try this game for the first time today, I was unable to connect to the server however, could the problem be on my end only?
  19. dbjs2009


    Looks pretty impressive for a free game, I might give it a shot sometime.
  20. The Rise of the Reds team has recently posted a small update introducing three new aircraft to both the US and the Russian fleets: American A-10 Warthog, Russian SU 50 Sokol and Russian Ka-68 Hellion. The full update can be found right here.
  21. Yet another game added to the "Cancelled" list. There's a particular thing behind all these cancelled titles or so it seems.
  22. Another update of the Rise of the Reds mod for Zero Hour has been posted. In this update, the developers focus entirely on the US faction, introducing four new units: Targeteer Drone, Delta Force Operator, ATV Humvee and the Green Beret. The whole update with more details is available here.
  23. A new update for the C&C Vortex mod for Zero Hour has been posted. In this update, you get to know the Nod mechanics and the way this faction will work with the mod installed. The update also features some new and remodelled Nod units and structures. The fully detailed update can be found here.
  24. The team behind the Rise of the Reds mod for Zero Hour has posted a new update featuring brand new models of the mod's latest Chinese units such as the Chinese Disruptor, the Chinese Shenlong Heavy Flame Tank and more. The full update with more details can be found here.
  25. The name does seem familiar, as far as I'm concerned it's an unfinished old project, isn't this (http://www.derelictstudios.net/tc/) what you are referring to?