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  1. This channel is awesome! Great for quick reference when we're looking at balancing intentions for Apocalypse Rising!
  2. That's quite a big assumption and generalisation of the mobile market and there's not really a way of proving whether it's true or false. EA must know something that we don't if they are wading into the Mobile Strategy market at this stage with C&C, however trends do come and trends do go.
  3. EA's metrics probably say something different. Despite there not being much of an audience within the core fanbase of the franchise, it will probably (and unfortunately) find an audience with casual mobile gamers who play games like Clash of Clans and Mobile Strike. that's the audience I bet they are wanting to poach and C&C seems (to EA) a big enough name to throw into the mobile scene to get those players. Data does lie sometimes, but unfortunately I think EA might make bank on this despite the core community's dissent.
  4. I never said that. I just pointed out that it's more balanced than Tiberian Sun. My point to ask the people still playing it competitively was an answer to the question "Where's the fun in Generals/Zero Hour when bugs and balancing are at their worst?"
  5. Ask the community of players that are still playing it competitively over at https://www.gamereplays.org/cnczerohour/ It's a lot more balanced than Tiberian Sun, for example.
  6. OWA

    The Ultimate Free-to-Play PC Games List

    I still don't get why there needs to be a separate list for game that are multiplayer only w/skirmish. Renegade X, Unreal Tournament 4, World of Padman and others in your list are multiplayer only w/skirmish as well, so it's pretty inconsistently categorised.
  7. OWA

    The Ultimate Free-to-Play PC Games List

    That's not stated in the criteria on the first post of this thread. Both APB and TSR feature a Skirmish mode, just as Renegade has MP Practise. What's your definition of a "complete" game? Renegade X is on the list, but has near enough the same feature set that APB and TSR have. (The Black Dawn singleplayer shouldn't count because it's not part of the main game build and you need to download an entirely different client to play it). TI and DTA deserve to be on the list for sure, especially when games like Envirobear are on there. :v
  8. OWA

    The Ultimate Free-to-Play PC Games List

    Red Alert: A Path Beyond and Tiberian Sun: Reborn aren't on the list. Figured I'd put them here since Renegade X is on the list. You can get them here: https://w3dhub.com/ I'm interested to know why standalone projects such as DTA and TI aren't allowed to be on the list and have their own thread just because they are mods. Why is that any different to being a "game"? They are standalone and people can play them without the original game, so that should be merit enough right? Not all the games in the other thread are free either. :s I'm also happy to argue that APB and TSR aren't mods, because they technically aren't anymore.
  9. OWA

    Board/card games

    Catan and Scythe are my jam. I also like games like Evolution (a game about creating creatures and getting food) and Kolejka (a game about queuing). The Battlestar Galactica board game is also fantastic. Trying to find out who the Cylons are and then attempting to stop them is brilliant and nail bitingly fun! xD
  10. If this open SAGE engine becomes viable in the future, I would totally design a non-C&C game for it. It would be good to actually have a semi-decent RTS-centric engine to develop on. A lot of modern engines are designed around making games with limited amounts of actors (FPS, RPS etc) which isn't too great when making an RTS. Basically, creating an RTS without a unit cap on a modern game engine is fairly tricky to do without having big performance hits. So there are more applications for a project like this rather than just remaking the original games. Just sayin'.
  11. OWA

    Forged Battalion

    That's fair I guess. I had a lot of fun playing Reloaded on the sofa with friends and customising hilarious armies to fight each other with. It was quite enjoyable. Northgard is definitely worth a look in that case then. It's a pretty good looking game and plays pretty well whilst taking inspiration from it's contemporaries. That's fair. It seems like we haven't had one of those in a while (apart from Halo Wars 2 and a load of indie projects that consistently miss the mark). I wouldn't consider Total War a hybrid of RTS and TBS, but rather a hybrid of RTT and TBS. Because you're given a set amount of units with no base building or resource gathering, I feel that Total War's battle mode is a Real Time tactics game rather than a clear-cut RTS. TW is a PC juggernaut of strategy in general these days and the large audience it commands does give me hope that there's still some killer games left to come along within the genre and blow our minds. The question is who will be making them.
  12. OWA

    Forged Battalion

    That's totally your opinion. Personally I think that Reloaded is better than Armageddon (basically because Armageddon hasn't aged as well as it could of and Reloaded has a ton more options and customisation to play around with). I personally found the game quite fun. I mean the campaign wasn't great, the movement was a bit janky, expanding across the map was painful and the units didn't have much depth to them as the could have, but they did fairly well to command my attention for as long as they did and I think that it's a good game to introduce people to the RTS genre with. The C&C references in the names of the enemy generals were a nice touch too. I mean again you're entitled to your opinion, but I think that they did ok, just not great. I depends what you define as a "proper RTS" I suppose. Have you tried Halo Wars 2? It's actually a good attempt at an old skool RTS (even if it is exclusively on Windows Store). Also, if you liked "The Settlers" try Northgard. It's fantastic. Personally though, my hopes are hinged on Iron Harvest for the title of "next great RTS". I'd love to round up a band of the C&C community old guard and make something cool in unity, but at the end of the day I don't have the time. I'd love it if someone else could get it right though. there's definitely a market for a fun RTS to slot into the C&C shaped hole that's currently present in the RTS genre.
  13. OWA

    Forged Battalion

    Team 17 has actually been doing alright these past few years and have begun to publish games as well as develop in-house (they still make Worms ). They recently published Yooka-Laylee, which was a cool platformer by some of the guys who made Banjo Kazooie. The long and the sort of it is that they aren't the worst company to team up with. They are also one of the longest surviving indie studios around, which speaks volumes. Whilst Petroglyph haven't made a GOOD RTS since Grey Goo (yes that game was good), 8-Bit Armies wasn't necessarily a BAD game. It missed the mark by subtly promising C&C-style gameplay and not delivering; but despite it's flaws it was still a fairly fun game with good intentions (even if base expansion was horrific and unit micromanagement was a pain). The console version of that game is interesting though. The unit build and selection controls are quite unique to the genre. I'm really eager to see what Petroglyph do with this new game. There's less than a handful of veteran strategy studios around that are willing to make a C&C-styled RTS these days, so I'm just glad that Petroglyph still backs the sub-genre with games. Let's not be hasty and rule the game out for it's bad trailer until we've played it. Early access is next year, so you never know, it might actually be good.