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  1. SighNapse

    Command & Conquer: Ubersplosion

    Can we skip obligatory C&C 4 hate just this once?
  2. SighNapse

    New Article: Hate EA and C&C?

    Isn't that just what people did with C&C 4 as soon as they heard "crawler" though?
  3. SighNapse

    Generals Soundtrack Survey

    By that logic surely we're also likely to see C&C 5 and Red Alert 4 given the previous 2 surveys?
  4. However if people are willing to start from scratch and make a good job of Yuri I am willing to assist. The assets we used are not that good in RA3. That build demonstrates this fact.
  5. SighNapse

    Fan Made C&C 4 Hunter Remake

    It wasn't really meant to be. It was just something I did for fun while I was bored of doing mod assets. Pretty much everyone has interpreted it as me trying to say I'm better than EA even though it's based off of this high detail concept which is far better than what I can do!
  6. SighNapse

    The Synergy Mod End of Summer Update

    Just to clarify, it's called the Citadel ingame, it's MkII here because it's replacing an old version I messed up horribly The old one is embarrassingly bad