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  1. Ok, updating the above post, I'm still not able to get it to recognize the disk. I've tried everything listed in here, but nothing works. When i run as a user (rather than admin), the game crashes, but with no error messages. It just stops and windows goes off searching for a solution, which it can't find. If I run as admin, it fails to recognize the DVD. I've downgraded to D-9, run with and without the options.ini file, etc, etc etc... Any suggestions?
  2. Well, I've not been able to get C&C TFD to run. I've tried the options.ini fix and all of the compatibility fixes. The game isn't hanging, though... it's not recognizing the DVD. It gets to the TFD start screen and when I select a game (say, Generals), the splash screen shows up and then it asks to insert the DVD. The DVD is in the computer and it's a paid-for copy. I've seen a couple others have this problem, but as yet have not heard of a fix. I have a HP i7, with 8 GB ram and 1GB video card (ATI Radeon HD 5570) and am running Win 7 Home Premium (64bit). Thanks for any help. Dean