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  1. Maybe they aren't actively monitoring every citizen, but they certainly have the capacity to target any person or organization globally. Still concerning.
  2. A software developer has managed to re-create C&C95 with HTML5 and JavaScript. It runs a little slow on my machine, but it's still pretty fun to play. Play it here: http://apps.nahklick.de/cnc/ Techie details: http://www.adityaravishankar.com/2011/11/command-and-conquer-programming-an-rts-game-in-html5-and-javascript/ Source code: https://github.com/adityaravishankar/command-and-conquer
  3. I'd love to play this. With the experience the industry now has with fps, they should be able to deliver a fun game as long as they put some time into it. Looking forward to massive multiplayer games. The 64 couldn't handle more than 12 or so very conservatively-rendered figures without lagging. A PC version would be great though.
  4. good to see Tree still views CNCNZ

  5. Tree


    The streets, yo. A story? Well I'm no good at those. Though I suppose I could give it a try. I joined in 2004, just mucked about in the forums. I got into mapmaking for RA2/YR shortly afterward. I was terrible at making maps, but hey, I tried (Anyone remember my weekly contests? :lol: ). I also got into graphic design and website development. With the help of the Doctor (then Fenring), I made a C&C fansite, C&C Tomorrow (thanks again, man). That site tanked after a few months. Somewhere in there I was a mod in the CNCNZ forums and an admin at Freedom Studios. After realizing that making sites and such was more fun than making maps, I learned PHP and started freelance coding. I've been doing that ever since. tl;dr: I was here, then I wasn't
  6. Tree

    Headed to North Carolina

    Time spent in North Carolina could never be considered a vacation. Well, maybe if you don't talk to any of the natives.
  7. Tree

    Now Playing - Music

    Enter Shikari - OK, Time for Plan B
  8. Lenticular clouds are fun
  9. I haven't noticed any significant improvements and it's still making an absolute mess of managing my onboard BlueTooth.
  10. Tree


    Oh, how I miss the phpBB forums and crazy skins.
  11. Tree

    Post Your Internet Speeds

    May have to look into that...
  12. Tree

    Post Your Internet Speeds

    Local International (Auckland, NZ) Comcast is terrible.
  13. Jesus Luk3us, I didn't realize you had that much. 'grats.
  14. Tree

    Evolution is taking place

    If that really is an orangutan using a tool, there's no evidence to suggest that other orangutans are using tools. Also, shopped.