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  1. For details see the post at RenegadeForums.com: http://www.renegadeforums.com/index.php?t=msg&th=41098&start=0&
  2. Its safe to say that both sides have made choices that could have been handled better. Maybe instead of being a bunch of little kids and fighting over what can't be changed, each side should state what it desires to move forward; unless it is actually BHP's goal to run W3DHub into the ground right off the bat to extract vengeance on them.
  3. Jerad2142

    W3D Hub Launched

    Hey, I know that Expansive Civilian Warfare/Roleplay 2 doesn't get much news these days but I can guarentee that we do indeed plan on moving assuming I can ever get the time to make the move.
  4. Jerad2142

    EA Approves C&C Roleplay 2 Standalone

    When I say standalone I mean standalone, even if you have never heard of Renegade before, all you'll have to do is download the installer for Rp2, and you'll be ready to play. And you can still "play" Rp2 on LAN with no other players, might even be a bit fun once I get the scoring system working. But if not, you can still piss off the bots and see how long you live against them; they put up a decent fight. You can play zombie assault by yourself as well, which true, could use a bit more story line to that (I'm working on it lol) but otherwise is good as far as single player goes; it’s just easier (or harder) with more players (depends how good those other players are at killing the Zombies).
  5. Jerad2142

    New C&C Roleplay 2 Mod Video

    We'll see, depends how all the code ends up playing out in the end.
  6. Jerad2142

    New C&C Roleplay 2 Mod Video

    Free for all, death match, sandbox is about right for 2.2 and previous versions of RP2... although it did have a zombie mod in 1.4, but that was long ago now. It is still on the C&C Renegade engine and that is why they covered it I am sure, in addition they realize that anything RP2 makes can (with a little extra work perhaps), be moved and deployed onto a stock Renegade map. The AI in this video are doing more than just a car following the road around the map; they start off as soldiers, wonder around the map until they have enough money to buy a vehicle, then once they have acquired a vehicle they follow the roads. There are parts of this AI that are evaluating targets to decide if they are enemy, the AI investigates sounds, selects different weapons for certain threats. The end goal of the AI is to simulate a player (even if it’s a n00b player); however I'm not going to deny that with a bit of work, the AI could be changed to repair buildings, attack enemy bases, and do other things that a player would do in a stock C&C Renegade round. So, if you need a reason that this relates to Renegade, that is the best one I can give for you. As for goal of the mod, it is going to have more objective in 2.3 and will have the following game mods: *Cops Verses Robbers (Player vs. AI cops where you have to capture and hold hideouts while also stealing loot to score). *Free For all (pretty much the same as current but improved weapon/vehicle power/speed balance). *And one other that I am still planning...