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  1. SO...I did exactly this, and it made the game (Zero Hour) open and run normally, right up to the point when I actually get past the menu and start playing. After I build just a few dozers and one building everything get blown to bits and I am told that I have been defeated. From what I understand this is a form of copyright protection for the game; if any files get modified the auto-defeat option turns on. If I remove the options.ini file from the data folder then the game glitches on the splash screen and we are back to square one. Any ideas? Win7 64 Ultimate, lots of power, legit game and legit game key. The same problem happened with Generals, but the options.ini file worked beautifully and I can play it no problem. I have reinstalled multiple times, manually deleting leftovers from the install each time, no effect. Anyone that can solve my problem has beer and a bed next time they are in Alberta!