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  1. KevinLancaster

    Malwarebytes False Positive on XCC Mixer

    When did they release the update? I haven't kept up.
  2. KevinLancaster

    Malwarebytes False Positive on XCC Mixer

    No Chimas, I installed it in the regular location. Malwarebytes is specifically detecting XCC Mixer.exe as a trojan and not any of the other files. It also detects the XCC Utilities installer as a trojan probably because it contains it.
  3. Malwarebytes is detecting XCC Mixer as a "Trojan.Agent". I want to make sure that this is a false positive that everyone else is getting and not that I somehow got an infected version of it.
  4. KevinLancaster

    Renegade X - Release Date Revealed

    They can't take money for their work because of their deal with EA, IIRC. Oh yeah, funny thing is the OP mentions how the release date is the same as the one for the cancelled C&C game, but the news post that it links to says it was chosen because it was the 12th birthday of Renegade's release. What's really interesting though is that the post also mentions that Victory Games was going to help them with the release, so maybe there is a connection after all?
  5. Is it possible to support rules.ini mods in the launcher, or would it not be preferable because it would provide an inconsistent experience? Edit: Also how about additional map sorting options like by map size or number of players?
  6. KevinLancaster

    Renegade X - Release Date Revealed

    They have the Black Dawn demo already, and I heard they have been programming bots for multiplayer skirmish, though if you mean a full campaign, I don't think they will do that.
  7. KevinLancaster

    PortableRA Beta

    This might not be a question for you, but do you think it's possible to implement some method to spectate multiplayer games in RA1?
  8. KevinLancaster

    PortableRA Beta

    Do you think the grenadier throwing bug is important enough to fix or not (considering it only really applies at a slower game speeds).
  9. KevinLancaster

    PortableRA Beta

    Is it possible to implement an autosave function? I found it rather annoying having to save at the beginning of each mission in the campaign just in case I lost.
  10. KevinLancaster

    Portable C&C

    Well, they got something that helped them, so I'm wondering if EA could give something that would help this as well.
  11. KevinLancaster

    Portable C&C

    Couldn't having some of the source code help you alter the game?
  12. KevinLancaster

    Portable C&C

    Do you think you could ever port the RA1 skirmish AI over to TD? It was apparently designed for it after all. Also, what do you think the chances are that if you contacted EA they would help you with this project? I know with Red Alert: A Path Beyond and a few other Renegade mods they were able to have some access to the source code. RA1's free now anyways, so it isn't like releasing it is going to hurt anyone, and considering they've switched over to the Frostbite 2 engine for CnC2013 I doubt that doing so would reveal any exploits in their new game ( I doubt that they were using much of the old code for most of their recent games anyways). Lastly, what do you think the possibility of implementing an in-game chat would be? If it isn't possible, do you think that implementing an IRC client connecting to the CnCNet chat would be the next best thing? (PS: Just a random question for TD online players if any are here: how come you guys never seem to have very many tanks in comparison to your infantry (at least from videos of CnCNet multiplayer I've seen).) Edit: And would it be possible to fix the AI wall behaviour? Add some sort of rules.ini support closer to that of the later games? Sorry if I am asking too much for TD; I know RA is your primary project.
  13. KevinLancaster

    Looking for Testers

    Probably not since they're completely dropping the old engine and going to Frostbite 2, which in my opinion isn't that good of an idea, but whatever floats their boat.
  14. KevinLancaster

    1.06c development topic

  15. Guys, I respect your right to freedom of speech and all, but can you please continue this matter through private messages? This argument has brought the topic completely off-course and there is no reason to bring up such matters in public. An argument on a forum is not going to change anything except make you all look immature, as incidents are dug up from the past which are better left buried. I am surprised that a moderator hasn't intervened to prevent this conflict from escalating into a all-out flame war.