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  1. I'm having one of the problems that has been mentioned once or twice in this thread, which is that I can launch Zero Hour and I can start a Solo Player Game but after about 5 to 20 seconds, depending on which scenario I pick, all buildings and Dozers blow up. I've tried all of the suggestions posted, re-installing both Generals and Zero Hour to C:\Games (including patches for both), making my INI files match the INI entry previously posted (as real INI files), XP Compatibility Mode and all. I even installed Global Crisis. I have a couple of observations to add to those previously posted that I hope will help jog some other ideas. The problem I'm having only happens if I do not select the Challenge scenarios of Laser General and Camouflage General. If I pick either of those two, the game plays just fine. It's making me crazy. I'm wondering what the magic variables are. Between people that are having this same issue and not, I've noticed some differences in Radeon vs NVidia. I have Radeon ... Win7 Ultimate. Also, I'm using original CDs, not The First Decade. I wonder if that makes a difference. Oh interesting! ... As I was writing this I noticed that the Israeli Challenge works! It looks like all Challenges work that are AGAINST the US Air Force General. I just tried a Skirmish against Granger but everything blew up in 15 seconds ... GAH! I hope someone can help me figure this out.