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  1. According to Frank's twitter he just passed away. RIP.
  2. Oh boy with Anthem also being a disappointment with poor reviews and slow sales EA can't be doing too good.
  3. Regretful that it happened but I remember not being too bummed out about it at the time since the alpha simply wasn't fun.
  4. Jim made a small update again on the subreddit. Nothing too substantial but it's nice that he's keeping in touch.
  5. Feast your eyes on this: Taken from the OpenRA site. Nice to have such a solid confirmation because honestly after only hearing it once I was still skeptical.
  6. I made a duplicate thread here. We first got the message that he was interested in making an announcement back in late August. Very glad to see it finally happen! He is active in the comments on the C&C subreddit and has already confirmed no microtransactions! It's not too common for companies like EA to talk to fan sites first (subreddit and OpenRA, were there any others?) so I'd already call that a good sign. Edit: APOC apparently is still alive and well.
  7. klandri

    C&C Update From EA

    Over at the C&C subreddit we've been in contact with EA_Jimtern for a while regarding an announcement he wanted to make. After a long wait the anticipated thread is here! Please read the post for yourselves but the highlight is: Personally I'd love it. He refers to the 25th anniversary. Tib Dawn was released in '95 so we're looking at a 2020 release date which is a while but not that long.
  8. No I don't and I don't blame you in any way. But your silence on the topic of the "random anonymous reddit post" was pretty much confirmation of its accuracy lol.
  9. F Wolf you knew about this shit didn't you?
  10. That's as of yet an unconfirmed rumor by some random anonymous 2 day old reddit account. It could be true but it could also easily be just some guy making shit up for laughs. Hopefully they're not making a phone game like the post suggests.
  11. Oh please no. Maybe they could be making both a mobile game and a real game though? This series is going into hibernation mode for another 8+ years if they just release some shitty phone game.
  12. Has anyone been paying more attention to Greg's twitter feed? November 12th: Retweets about the Westwood's Dune. December 5th: Tweets about C&C music on Amazon. January 2nd: Excited to get back to work. January 4th: Tweets about Act on Instinct. January 5th: Shares a RA3 vod by the Generals Gentlemen. Going to EA again sure is making the man nostalgic. He barely mentions C&C at all during all of 2016 but starting in mid 2017 he starts tweeting quite a bit about the series, making like 4 tweets in June-August alone which would roughly correspond with the period during which he would be interviewing and accepting the job at EA. But is there more to it than mere nostalgia?
  13. Oh, man. This is super sad news. I guess C&C is done for for good this time.
  14. I'm super pissed about the removal of the forums. They didn't serve too much of a purpose and they were pretty much dead but having them there was nice. Simply nuking the whole thing seems strange. Fingers crossed for new forums eventually.
  15. Glad to hear you found someone good to do it. What you're describing would definitely be beyond me.
  16. klandri

    Superman - Man of Steel

    Can't say I have been a big superman fan in the past but this movie was an abomination. In conclusion this movie was an absolute trainwreck and no one should go seeing it without bringing a sleeping mask.
  17. What's the scope of the project? Are you just trying to get a newsblog, like your frontpage going or more of a fully fledged site replacing this one? Do you need to build a custom theme to mimic this site or would simple color imitations with the logos and banners suffice? I have some experience with wordpress (very recently I codesigned this site: http://vifill.is/ I swear the only reason it looks so bad is because the owners insisted on some heavy usage of green and that stupid banner) but by the sound of it this may very well be way out of my scope. So please tell exactly what you need and if I can help I'm up for it.
  18. klandri

    Official C&C Website Redesigned

    EA_Cire, being more revealing on CNCNZ than the actual forums the change is being applied to.
  19. klandri

    PortableRA Beta

    I granted you my approval over at reddit. This is a pretty nice job!
  20. I have a hunch that picture number 2 is going to get the most creative entries...