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  1. AZ-Stalker

    TS Missing FMV's

    First of all, I couldn't find a trace of a similar topic via CNCNZ's search engine so don't harass me about that. Alright, I've downloaded a "new" freeware Tiberian Sun game since I lost my last one somewhere in a PC clean-up. Seems as though it's not the TFD version, yet it doesn't contain any of the FMV cutscenes that are supposed to appear before and after missions during both campaigns. Including the general faction intro videos. From what I've seen in a short run-through, only the victory and defeat short cutscenes are included. Don't ask me for a link to the download because I oblitherated any traces of it "by accident" a few days ago. I need help (instructions & download links if possible) on how to add those missing cutscenes back in the game. This is not Firestorm we're talking about, but I would appreciate any help regarding FS aswell 'cause I'll most likely be aquiring the expansion pack to go along with the original again. It's been a while since my last digging and whatnot through older games, but I think I'm in need of FULL versions of the files listed below for TS (and perhaps some other ones + also for FS if possible), but I'll let the 'classic C&C hackers' that prey on innocent gamers around CNCNZ run me over it, ofcourse... MOVIES01.mix MOVIES02.mix (both are already present in the game folder, by the way) Also, the 'intro/sneak peek' button does nothing, so it's safe to assume that FMV is not there.