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Found 3 results

  1. The team working on the Visual Reality mod for Zero Hour has posted some new real-life replacements for current game units: the Chinese EMP/mine drop plane will be replaced by the Xian JH-7, the Gatling Cannon with the LD-2000 CIWS and the Helix Helicopter with the MI-8 "Hip". Click here to see them all.
  2. A few days ago, the team working on the Visual Reality mod for Zero Hour has released version 0.4 alpha. Here's an excerpt from the changelog: Added composite armor visual upgrade for stryker Improved house color allocation on several units Have begun re-scaling vehicles to be accurately sized compared to each other, using the current Humvee size as a baseline Added HEAT round as tank shell Fixed some vehicle death models Tweaked particle effects on missile launches Added damaged and death models for many units Added animated wheels for Overlord Fixed B-1 polygon bug Fixed Alpha Aurora / Nuke MiG death model bug Adjusted the way certain gibs are flung Fixed China troop crawler placeholder wheels and tweaked skin Tweaked China Listening post placeholder skin Reworking of T-55 scripting, added teamcolors and spinning wheels, all proper states, tweaked skin, fixed lighting bug, resized vehicle Click here to proceed to the download section. Please note that all previous version of the mod must be removed before installing this version.
  3. Version 0.3 of the Visual Reality Mod for Zero Hour has been released. For those who are not familiar, this mod only changes the visuals of the units, turning them to their closest real-life counterparts, without touching the balance and gameplay. If you have an earlier version installed, make sure you delete it before downloading this one. ' rel='lightbox'>http://i.imgur.com/FbvuX.jpg Click here to proceed with the download.