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Cheap UAW:EA

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Hey there - I noticed a store called JB HIFI in Sydney was having a stocktake sale of this game at AUD$39. I didn't have the cash to grab it then. A quick search shows many stores are now selling it online at the $50 mark.


My main question is how long do you think it will take it to get the to $20/budget section???

(EA Classics, That's Hot etc etc etc)


Or don't you think it will?


(Despite it's bad vibes - I'm still keen to play it - just has to fit into the price range I can afford!)

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An EB Games 50% off sale is your best bet

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Actually after I posted it, I discovered ebay is still my best friend...


But EB would probably only give me the standard $50 price anyway, no?!?

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Yeah but their sales are usually good as they seem to be one of the few places that doesn't raise their prices just before they have a sale so you might get it cheaper

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Ironically I won an ebay bid for just 99c last night... there was one finishing on that day I looked.

So even with $13 postage - I think less than $15 is a fairly decent find!


So we'll see what actually turns up... will it be 'new' & 'genuine' as advertised???



EDIT: Arrived


Well I'm impressed. I got it on Wed - so apart from the boring cover. Everything is cool.


The first installation failed, so I had to uninstall and reinstall, and then I was mystified that I couldn't just download a patch from an external site, and had to use their 'live' system.


But I can't get over how SLOW it is to load up the games and each mission, compared to C&C3.


Anyway - now I can split my time between KW 1.01 and UAW.

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